What Alabama gets up front coach Doug Maroney

Alabama will substitute the Queens attacking coach for one from The Bronx.

distance To leave From Kyle Flood last week to Steve Sarkissian’s staff in Texas, coach Nick Saban this week has moved on to appoint Doug Marron, Matt Zenitz from AL.com I reported Wednesday.

Maroney, 56, is a former college college student and pro striker who broke into that training set before stepping into the spotlight as head coach at Syracuse (2009-12), Lvivello Bills (2013-14) and Jacksonville Jaguars (2016-20).

As a footballer who seemed so comfortable with an antipyretic pillow in his hands to teach the hook technique, Marron didn’t always appear completely comfortable with the attention and scrutiny that came along with being the public face of the franchise.

In Alabama, that wouldn’t be a problem. Marrone became the latest coach to be fired to find shelter on Nick Saban, and he no longer has to worry about the opinions of the royal, general managers, fans, or the media. Saban speaks in Tuscaloosa, with position coaches like Marron banning reporters and coordinators from attending press conferences once a year.

The arrangement is a return to Marron’s roots as a college offensive line coach at the Coast Guard Academy (1993), Northeastern (1994), Georgia Tech (1997-99), Georgia (2000) and Tennessee (2001). He also led the front front of the New York Jets (2002-2005) and the New Orleans Saints (2006-2008).

Marron’s leap to become a head coach kicked off a complex part of his history that included him quitting a head coach position in the NFL and being fired from his second job.

In 2013, Marron capitalized on a season of eight victories in Syracuse at the Bills Summit. He brought a rigorous and disciplined training style for professionals, even engaging in it Screaming match With a veteran Balez player in front of the reporters during a summer training before making the team run in the wind races.

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“When he was here, it was pretty orderly,” one of the guys at Beals Maroun said. „We are young men of 30 years old. She was very strict.”

He led Marron Biles to a nine-game season in 2014, the club’s best achievement in 10 years, but his relationship with team management was deemed imperfect. The franchise also came under new ownership in the middle of the 2014 season, resulting in a clause in Marrone’s contract that allowed him to withdraw at the end of the season. He used it, and he quit after dark on New Year’s Eve without all of his players being informed.

„It was weird, I turned on the TV and found the coach left,” one player He said later.

Maroun remains silent about the reasons for his departure. At the time, one of his aides believed Marron was He did not give an answer By team officers about contract extension for him and his crew.

Some Buffalo players publicly reprimanded Maroni for his decision but also welcomed the change. Players felt that Marron’s replacement, Rex Ryan, treated them more like adults than college students. But Ryan’s more flexible coaching style quickly collapsed and was fired before the end of his second season. The team captain and GM who occasionally quarreled with Maroni were later fired.

Maroon landed as Jaguar’s offensive line coach, and kept a low profile as he contemplated what went wrong in Buffalo. Part of this process included attending public speaking seminars and learning how to deal with media anxiety. ESPN reported.

“It was always as if he was walking on an eggshell,” former Alabama and Biles defender Marcel Darius told ESPN about Maroney’s time in Buffalo. It looked like Was nervous All the time. It does not go well with the players, especially because we are supposed to follow you. „

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Much like his dealings with players at Buffalo, Maroney had a complicated relationship with the press that covers the bills. Toward the end of his first season, he summoned a reporter to a hangar They questioned him Turn a tweet before leaving into a road game. But the flip side of his personality was also shown when, after a reporter was mocked for his speaking mistakes during a press conference, Marron walked away from the stage and tried to hug that reporter.

Marron told the reporter this was what his grandmother was going to do in the Bronx. Maroon grew up in a modest neighborhood in the shadow of New York City, and was the first in his family to finish college. His three seasons at Syracuse earned him the look of the NFL as a choice for the sixth round in 1986, but he played in only five professional matches while being cut from six different teams.

Maroun, who was famous for it grain Bologna and cheese sandwiches since childhood, I felt out of place With appearances of his short career as a professional player. His embarrassing experience at a fancy restaurant in Miami Beach during his time with the Dolphins led to Marrone later, as a coach, sending his players to etiquette lessons.

His second chance as head coach came late in the 2016 season, when Jaguar Jas Bradley was fired and Maroney was given the temporary job. He was named a permanent coach and led the Jaguars to the AFC Championship match in his first full season in 2017. The success came along with a renewed coaching style from Marrone.

Darius said: „He is much more open than he was before.” in time While playing with Marrone’s Jaguars. „He is more understanding.”

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However, 2017 was his only playoff appearance in six years in charge of Bills and Jaguars, and his final season in Jacksonville ended with a 1–15 record of the worst franchise. He was fired earlier this month.

Maroni has now reached the last leg of his training journey. He will be away from his home base in Tuscaloosa’s excellent football hub in college, but he’s back to his more popular role teaching offensive line men. Alabama fans might never hear of Maroney, which will be a far cry from the time when he was the occasional center of attention in his last jobs.

From a football point of view, Marron will play a major role in 2021 building the Alabama offensive line. The Outland Trophy-winning group will lose from left Alex Leatherwood, Rimington Trophy Winner Landon Dickerson and left goalkeeper Deonte Brown. Chris Owens will return in fifth year position, right-hand goalkeeper Emile Ecure, and the right tackle of Evan Neal – but Maroney will likely need to develop younger players to fill the other two key positions.

This may be the right assignment in time for Maroon.

“He’s a line-of-attack man,” former Bills Sentinel Henderson offensive line man He said in 2018. When I came [to Buffalo]It really helped me with my technology. Like, really spending time training … and teaching us techniques and things. Help us with our game. Coach Maroni was a good man, and I loved working with him. „

Mike Rodak is an Alabama won reporter for the Alabama Media Group. Follow him on Twitter Embed a Tweet.

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