Packages to welcome season ticket holders to the divisional play-offs

The organization announced Thursday that a playoff match at the Green Bay Packers’ District at Lambo Stadium will feature season ticket holders as well as frontline healthcare workers and first responders.

Season ticket holders who chose the opportunity to purchase tickets this summer will receive information on the sale this week via email. Tickets will go on sale online via Ticketmaster only Tuesday, January 12th, following the announcement of the date and time of the team match by the NFL. No tickets will be sold through the Packers Ticketing Office.

There will be approximately 6,000 tickets available for purchase by season ticket holders who choose to participate. Seating will be arranged in socially distant cabins of two, four and six tickets throughout the stadium. Prices, set by the NFL for playoff games, will range from $ 127 to $ 177, depending on the location; Ticketmaster service fees will also be charged. An additional number of guests will attend, including invited frontline healthcare workers and first responders, in addition to the league’s allocation for the visiting team.

Significantly, tickets will not be resold or transferable and all tickets will be portable. Season Pass holders purchasing tickets are responsible for coordinating all attendees within their capsule, since entry to the game will be by scanning the mobile card on the buyer’s mobile device. No exceptions to this policy will apply. These steps have been taken to ensure the safety of all people attending the game.

Mark Murphy, President / CEO of Packers, said: “Our players have enjoyed the energy our limited fans have provided during the past four matches. We look forward to welcoming our Season Pass holders to add an extra atmosphere to the qualifiers.” . „We have seen the COVID-19 protocols in action and we are confident that we can safely add more fans.”

The team was directed by healthcare partner Bellin Health, as well as officials at Brown County Public Health, to implement the comprehensive protocols that were in place for the invited team’s guests during the last four home matches of the regular season. The protocols used at Lambeau Field and across the NFL have proven effective as the local NFL game’s COVID-19 case clusters were not tracked according to relevant NFL city health departments. During the regular season, NFL had a total of 109 matches with over a million fans in attendance.

Protocols used at Lambeau Field include requiring attendees to remain in a socially distant „room” of seating unless they use the restroom or buy food or drinks. Other protocols include the use of mobile phone tickets as an entry method, improved stadium cleaning procedures, hand disinfection stations throughout the foyer, cashless concession sites, and required face coverings. Rear vehicles will also be banned from Lambeau Field playoff parking lots. No carry-on items will be permitted, including seat backs, clear bags or purses. Personal items are allowed, but must not exceed 4.5 ” x 6.5 ” in size.

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