Apple is negotiating with Hyundai to produce Apple cars [Updated]

Apple plans to work with Hyundai in the future Apple CarAccording to a Korean site report Korea Economic Daily.

The report indicates that Apple is in negotiations with Hyundai Motor Group to manufacture an „Apple Car”. Apple reportedly plans to work with Hyundai to produce electric cars and develop batteries due to the „enormous costs” of the technology and production facilities needed.

multiple Previous rumors It has been suggested that Apple work with a manufacturing partner to produce the Apple Car, but so far, there has been no information on which manufacturer Apple might collaborate with. Since the report mentions „negotiations”, a deal may not be struck yet, so Apple’s plans could change.

A report on Apple Car earlier today from Bloomberg He said that work on the project is still in its early stages and „there’s nowhere near the production stage,” and there was no mention of Hyundai. to me BloombergAt least five to seven years will pass before Apple Car is ready for launch.

Update: In a statement to CNBCHyundai Has been confirmed It is in discussions with Apple. „We understand that Apple is in discussions with a variety of global automakers, including Hyundai Motor. Since the discussion is in its early phase, nothing has been decided.”

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