Hackers leak data from 2.28 million MeetMindful users

An illustration of a Hacker Group article reportedly leaking sensitive data for 2.28 million people registered with the dating site MeetMindful

Photo: Kirill Kudryavtsev / Agence France-Presse (Getty Images)

Millions of dating site users A phenomenal encounter I got some unpleasant news on Sunday. ZDNet reported That hacker group ShinyHunters, the same group that leaked millions of them User records for the company you listed Auschwitz camp T-shirts, he tossed what appeared to be data from the dating site’s user database. The leak allegedly contains Sensitive information for more than 2.28 million registered users of the site.

According to ZDNet, the 1.2GB file was shared as a free download „on a publicly accessible hacking forum known for its trade in compromised databases.. „ Included groups of sensitive and identifiable users Information, including real names and email addressesCity, state, zip code details, dates of birth, IP addresses, and Facebook user IDs, And Facebook authentication codes, among other things. However, the messages were not disclosed.

The port that included screenshots of the file posted on the hacker forum in addition to a small sample of the disclosed data, It is highlighted that not all the leaked accounts include the complete user details. However, he stated that the leaked information could be used to link individualsDating profiles for their identities in the real world. The hacking forum where the data was posted was viewed more than 1500 times. Depending on the port, it is still available for download.

ZDNet said it was informed of the leak by an unnamed security researcher earlier this week. She added that she contacted MeetMindful on Thursday to request a comment on the matter, but had not received a response in days.

Gizmodo also reached out to MeetMindful to ask about the reported hack. We’ll make sure to update this blog if we hear back.

According to her Crunchbase Profile, MeetMindful is a dating platform platform for „people interested in health, well-being, and alertness.” Founded in 2013, It is based in Denver, Colorado and is still active.

Here’s where it starts to get a little weird. Sites Included Social The media The channels have been inactive for several months, which is interesting given that the main dating apps have been so To grow During the pandemic. I mean, don’t they want to encourage their users to date (safely)? From the outside, the service feels like a dead zone. Who knows, all the rage could be within the site itself.

It is unclear if MeetMindful notified its users of the incident. If this is true, users need to know this so that they can search for any suspicious activity and change their logins and passwords if needed. Conclusion: move.


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