Deshaun Watson is said to reveal the pick arrangement which team he wants Texas to trade with

Every NFL team that might be in need of a new quarterback player set their eyes on the situation in Houston this off-season after it was reported. Deshawn Watson It could be Looking for a change of scenery. The caller of the Pro Bowl signal had to watch as his head was widely circulated away, and he reportedly had no say in the last move in Houston Texas Front office – including continuous search for training. Some argue that this situation between Texas and Watson cannot be saved and that the midfielder will make his way sooner rather than later. Where exactly does Watson want to play in 2021? A recent report on Watson’s „picking order” revealed that his two best destinations are in fact East Asia.

According to Armando Salguero of The Miami Herald, Watson prefers to play for New York Jets, And his choice number 2 would be Miami Dolphin. Salguero reports that Watson has told people that the Jets are his best favorites because they recently hired Robert Saleh to be their new head coach. Obviously, Watson appreciated Saleh so much that he wanted Texas to meet him for his open coaching job.

the previous San Francisco 49ers The Defensive Coordinator has established himself as one of the best teams in the league over the past few years, and his defense has even helped move the 49 players into Super Bowl LIV last year. Saleh was loved by his players, and his charm was that he could quickly and efficiently establish a new culture built on success.

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Dolphins were First team to be linked to Watson Two weeks ago, but interestingly enough, Watson would also be fine playing for the Miami opponent. This is noteworthy because if the proverbial arms race ends with recruiting options for Watson’s services, the stakes will be raised by competitors fighting for him with the loser knowing that they will have to plan for it twice a year.

How many first-round selections would it take for Texas to get rid of Watson? CBS NFL Insider Jonathan Jones Talk to several league sources about what could be included in this potential trade. Check out his article, Here.

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