Texas-Colorado match result: After Sam Ellinger is injured, Longhorns’ team catches attention in defeating Alamo Powell


Texas Quarterback Sam Ellinger Shorten the evening at the Alamo Powell. The question now is whether his college career has ended too.

Al Kabir did not fit the second half of the match, which ended with a score of 55-23 on Tuesday Colorado Due to a shoulder injury he suffered in the first half. Ehlinger was seen in streetwear and brassiere after the break. Although Ehlinger took a few bags, he had a strong first half with 160 yards passing and landing.

Attention now turns to Ehlinger’s future. Due to the NCAA decision to grant fall athletes an extra year of eligibility due to COVID-19, it is possible that Ehlinger will return to Texas in 2021. Ehlinger participated in the first day pre-match celebrations. Iowa state In November, he did not explicitly mention that he would definitely transfer to the NFL after this season. There is a hint of unfinished business. Texas failed to live up to expectations to win the Cup 12 and lose to Oklahoma Always stings. Ehlinger is also the program’s second-best passerby with 11,436 yards and 94 touchdowns. If he returned for one more season, he would almost certainly break the professional passing and landing records for schools set by Colt McCoy.

If so for Ehlinger, this would be a tough way out. He’s the show’s best center backer in a decade, and his story as a constant fan of Horns growing up in the school’s backyard is well documented. Even so, it would be surprising if he would return for another year. It’s not considered a high choice for draft, but although this is a loaded quarterback class, it’s unlikely to boost its stock significantly with another year in college. Based on the method of a student of Redsheet Casey Thompson Hit football in the second half … well … maybe it’s time to move on. Thompson played a possessed role, with 8 of 10 lanes passing 170 yards and four touchdowns, setting the Alamo Powell record for the most ranks.

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He was not alone the star of the game. The new student running Bijan Robinson only had 183 yards in 10 gigs and carried three landings overall. Robinson was late in part due to Texas’ insistence that he be part of a retrograde rotation for most of the year. To be fair, Rushun Johnson He got his campaigns and nobody scored The best quick landings you’ll see this season Against the buffalo. But it was clear for weeks now that Robinson was that guy and in his previous two matches he had six touchdowns on 24 touches at 15 yards per touch. The combination of lower body strength and balance makes it difficult to drop.

Robinson wasn’t the only new student to catch the eye. Defensive hookman Alfred Collins had a silly one-handed objection that displayed immense sportsmanship:

Texas set school pot records for points (55) and arena (638) while playing heavily with young players and backups. I’m not here to sell you in Texas after it’s „back” in 2021 – Colorado was basically half of its team – but while Ehlinger was the face of the show, the future looks very interesting too.

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