Report: Jay Rodgers is leaving his role with Los Angeles Chargers

This is definitely not the news we wanted to hear in Chicago …

According to Brad Biggs of the Chicago Tribune, defense coach Jay Rodgers’ team is set to lose to Los Angeles Chargers.

His new role has yet to be confirmed, but in all likelihood, he will be the Chargers’ new defense coordinator. Jay Rodgers was a Bears intern with the same vacancy. Now, he is reuniting with former Bears OLB coach Brandon Staley as they look to use a sledgehammer called Joey Bosa to smash QBs across the AFC.

To say „This is a big loss” is, in and of itself, an understatement.

He is one of the best coaches in his group in the NFL by a large margin. In Chicago alone, we’ve seen his amazing work touch every level of the depth chart. From big stars in Akiem Hicks and Eddie Goldman, to rising studs in Bilal Nichols and Roy Robertson-Harris, even the rotating players found off the street have played well when called up.

Originally arrived at Chicago Bears With Vic Fangio and John Fox in 2015, we saw a great deal of consistency in effort, production, and discipline. He also has a training background with midfielders and has long been preparing for the DC position. Everyone who is hired as the new Bears D-line coach will have a hugely large shoe to fill.

Meanwhile, Sean Desai appears as the only indoor candidate in Hallas Hall, with no mention of Mark Dillon or Ted Monachino recently. Coupled with the growing list of outside candidates – Jonathan Ganon, George Edwards, James Beecher and Mike Singletary have all given interviews for the DC job – this suggests that we might hire someone from outside to be the new head of defense.

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stay tuned….

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