Ken Jennings, danger! Champion and host soon, apologizes for tweets – deadline

Even the greatest of all can get it wrong sometimes. Danger! Legend Ken Jennings – From earlier this year Won the games show championship To identify the best champion ever – He released a batch of tweets on Twitter apologizing for his insensitive social media posts in the past.

Jennings’ apologies come on Twitter as he prepares Start his career As the first Danger! Host to follow Jeopardy long ago! Master of Ceremonies Alex Trebeek who He passed away in November After 36 years in business.

The Jennings Hosting Tasks Danger! It will start on January 11th. The search for a permanent host is ongoing.

The tweets that elicited apologies relate to comments made by Jennings in 2014, when he posted: „Nothing is more sad than a sexy person in a wheelchair.”

When someone retweeted that comment in 2018, Jennings responded on Twitter, saying, “I haven’t publicly flogged this comment, but I have personally apologized for getting angry / harming people who have personally reached out. It was such an incompetent joke that it meant something completely different in my head [and] I’m sorry for the clear reading of that. „

Jennings has also made several infamous jokes on social media regarding a star Wars Fan, 11-year-old Barron Trump, elderly grandmother in mourning.

Stream apology today:

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