Kansas City, QB Chairman Patrick Mahomes, is still in concussion protocol, in training again on Friday

Kansas City, Missouri – Patrick Mahomes He was with the Kansas City Chiefs where they started their training session on Friday, and their last session was before Sunday’s AFC Asian Championship match against Buffalo Bills at Arrowhead Stadium.

And his Friday post appears to put Mahomes into play on Sunday. Andy Reid, the coach of the team leaders, said Mahomes took all the shots in Wednesday’s training, mostly on Thursday.

Reed said Mahomes is still in concussion and has passed every step of the protocol except for one, which is a statement from an independent neurologist consultant and chief physician.

Mahomes was knocked out last week’s playoff match against Brown with concussion symptoms after struggling badly in a running match.

Three other major players who sustained injuries were also present for the start of Friday’s training: a wide receiver Sami Watkins (Hurry), running back Clyde Edwards Hillier (Hip and ankle) and back Peshud Breland (Shoulder concussion).

Coach Sean McDermott said the Beals were preparing to play Mahomes.

„I think at the start of the week we weren’t quite sure, and we’re not really going to know, I think. Maybe the trend is in that direction, so that’s what we’re expecting,” McDermott said.

ESPN’s Mike Rees contributed to this report.

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