Google mobile search is being redesigned

Google has announced a redesign of the look of mobile search results On Friday’s Blog. „We wanted to take a step back to simplify a bit, so people could find what they’re looking for faster and more easily,” said Aileen Cheng, who led the redesign.

The redesign will contain larger, bolder text that’s meant to be easier to scan quickly, and you’ll see more Google fonts in the results. Search results will also take up more space than the width of your screen, thanks in part to reduced shadows. Google also says the redesign will use color „more deliberately” to help highlight important information without distraction.

To get an idea of ​​how the redesign differs from the current experience, compare this redesign offer to a screenshot of the current search experience I took from the iPhone 12 mini.

Image: Google

Screenshot from Jay Peters / The Edge

The new design appears to put more information at the top of the page and reduce some visual clutter, which hopefully will make the results easier to analyze without forcing you to scroll down too much to find what you’re looking for.

Google says the redesign will be rolled out in the coming days.

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