George Clooney talks about quarantine with wife Amal, 3-year-old twins: it was ‘an adventure’

Like a lot, George Clooney He was staying at home throughout Coronavirus pandemic.

The Hollywood giant has been wandering around the house with his wife for more than six years, Amal. The two also share 3-year-old twins, Alexander and Ella.

At a round table hosted by approx Los Angeles Times, The „Michael Clayton„ The actor, 59, opened up about what life was like for him in the better part of the year.

He said, „It has mostly been nine months inside the house.” „I have two 3-year-old twins, so this was an adventure with a lot of dishwashing and diapering.”

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And the star joked, „It’s mostly mine.”

George Clooney said his quarantine consisted of „a lot of washing dishes and changing diapers.” (Photo by Jeff Spicer / WireImage)

He also mentioned his 87-year-old father who he lives in Kentucky.

Clooney admitted, „I miss being with my family.” „We have a huge amount of gratitude for the fact that we were able to stay home and have some security, because there are so many people around the world who don’t.”

The actor’s latest movie, „The Midnight Sky,” depicts himself playing a scientist whose isolation is eerily similar to the quarantine caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Star George Clooney says in the movie „ Midnight Sky ” that the analogy between the Corona epidemic and his movie is „ unfortunate ”

„It was an interesting thing,” Clooney told Fox News last month.

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He continued, „We finished in February, before everyone shut down, and one of those moments was when they said, ‘Don’t worry, it only affects the elderly ….'” „Before [the lockdown]30 years from now, the idea was what we could do for each other if we ignore science or if we continue along dividing lines. „

George Clooney appeared as a scientist in near complete isolation on the show

George Clooney appeared as a scientist in near complete isolation on Netflix’s „Midnight Sky”.

However, its direction changed once the virus began to spread around the world.

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The actor, who also directed the film, explained, „After we reached the epidemic, we started to diminish the idea of ​​our inability to go home, our inability to see each other. My inability to see my mother and father.” „This became a much stronger topic when we were in post-production.”

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„Frankly, that’s unfortunate,” he said of life imitating art in this case. „It is unfortunate that these parallels exist, and it is unfortunate that we are in the situation we are in.”

Fox News Channel’s Lisa Aristizabal contributed to this report

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