Doug Pederson is already in danger of being expelled, as talks continue with Geoffrey Lowry

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In response to a report from ESPN that Eagles Jeffrey Lurie owner He might keep making a change in training, PFT asked the Eagles to respond. Al-Nisour declined to comment.

So it was about Plan B. Plan B consisted of obtaining informal confirmation from sources with knowledge of the situation that the report that Eagles coach Doug Pederson was still in trouble was accurate.

As one of the sources said, talks between Laurie and Pederson are „ongoing,” and they will meet again to continue the conversation. Lori wants to trust Pederson to see the team going forward.

So, yeah, Lori could still decide that he didn’t like Pederson seeing the franchise. And if Lowry hates seeing Pederson enough, the coach who set the record 46-39-1 over five seasons, who won the Super Bowl to reach the 2017 season, and who led the team to three consecutive matches from 2017 to 2019 could be out. .

It is assumed that Pederson would prefer, whatever the decision, be made quickly. Although it is unclear if he would immediately become a candidate for a vacancy elsewhere, there aren’t many Super Bowl-winning coaches from the past decade available for the hiring.

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