Bruce Ariane had a message for the NFL after Saturday’s win

The Tampa Bay Pirates are heading to the Qualifiers.

Tampa Bay in Detroit exploded, 47-7, on Saturday afternoon. With the win, the Pirates improved to 10-5 in the season. Bruce Arians’ team officially snatched the extension berth.

Tom Brady & Company is bound after a post-season high and low that clearly included a lot more ups than ups and downs.

Arians had a message for the NFL after Saturday afternoon’s win: We’re just getting started.

Arians said after the match that he was extremely proud of the coach. Tampa Bay ended the 13-year drought with a win on Saturday afternoon.


“It’s just the beginning. Our goal when we started playing, especially this year, was just to get involved in dancing. Now you’re going to win 11 games.” Arians, who is back after the season for the first time since 2015, when he led the Arizona Cardinals to the 2015 NFC Championship match, said: See where we stand and where we are going, and see who we are playing.

„You can feel – this was a training week in the supplement,” he said, adding that he was „really, really proud” of the efforts his players have put in. „Even with the holidays, they handle their business well.”

The Bucs will be looking to finish the season at 5-11pm next weekend.

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