Wonder Woman 1984 continues to decline during the pandemic with $ 3 million in its third weekend – Deadline

Even if there has not been a pandemic, the odds remain a tough weekend at the local box office, with all the distractions that popped out of our nation’s Capitol building last week. TV news seems to be filled with enough suspense and suspense with the Capitol Rebellion, versus the big screen, as we all cling to the TV screens at home to witness how President Donald J Trump leaves office, anticipating with chaos.

Warner Bros.„. Wonder Woman 1984 On its third weekend it continued to simulate the legs of a horror movie, down -45%. $ 3M In 2218 theaters and BO is running $ 32.6 million. It’s pretty obvious that this movie isn’t going to make money out of it Tenet Really in the US at $ 58 million and we know that 60% of all movie theaters are closed, including Series II Regal (Pennsylvania and Colorado reopened last weekend I heard). To make matters worse: I heard that after a bleak holiday period, some cinemas decided to close their doors, skipping the Warners’ push WW1984; This is how bad things are. The studio, which usually doesn’t need to fight to rent it, will need to do so now.

The directed sequel Patti Jenkins is on its 17th day, which means it has another two weeks before it HBO Max It takes the title from the streaming service and the movie is playing for about 30 days in cinemas. Warner Media No digital horns have been blown about how Wonder Woman 1984 On HBO Max regarding viewers and subscribers, and I understand if there’s anything positive to report, we’ll hear about it on the next AT&T earnings call. However, if there is something cool they would shout out to the world WW1984The success of HBO Max … we had already heard about it. Social media analytics company RelishMix says in regards to the supplemental social media chat, „Increasing signals about HBOMax and connection problems are on Twitter and diminishing – and Covid mentions are spreading across YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.”

all over the world, WW1984 Standing in $ 131.4 million. Tenet His gross profit was $ 362.9 million, which is impossible for him WW1984 Even to reverse those results. Most theaters in Europe remain closed or operate with significant capacity restrictions.

Bruce W. Talamone / Universal Pictures

Meanwhile, those films that had a longer theatrical window than WW1984, Held as best it could during the pandemic with Universal / DreamWorks Animation’s Croods: A New Era In second place $ 1.8 million (-19%) Weekend 7, $ 36.8 million, Uni world News With $ 1.24 million In Weekend 3, -27% and $ 7.1M gross, Sony / Screen Gems’ Monster hunter On the 4th weekend with $ 1.1 million, -13%, valued at $ 7.8 million, and Lionsgate’s Fatal In the 4th weekend in fifth place with approx $ 670K And the total is 4 million dollars.

I’ve heard theater owners haven’t even spoken to government officials about reopening Los Angeles and New York City regarding movie theaters because of course we’re in the worst case with Covid cases recorded in these two. Regions. According to anecdotal accounts, where I live 30 minutes north of Los Angeles, local ordinances put a cap on the number of people within a bank branch (only 21 people at Chase), with many branches closing around Valencia. However, there is still hypocrisy that reigns as to what is open and what is closed: Restaurants, like theaters fighting for their economic lives, are forced to provide delivery or only eat out while Kohls, Walmart, Target, and the stores are in the mall Wide open. I still don’t understand how the exhibition allows itself to be sanctioned by local governments when they introduce proper filtration systems and spaced seats in an auditorium. While airlines cry that fewer people are traveling, the point is that they fly, with no reported cases of Covid, and the government is not closing airports: In the past two days, the Transportation Security Administration has screened 1.48 million people, or 61 people. % Decrease compared to last year. From December 24 until yesterday, TSA checked 16.1 million followers, down 57%. But wouldn’t it be cool to bring those 16 million into the cinema?

Regarding WW1984, The top 10 spots for a pic this past weekend were: 1. Sacramento Drive In, 2. Solano Twin Drive In Greater San Francisco, 3. Paramount Drive-In Los Angeles, 4. Cinemark Carefree Circle Colorado Springs, 5. Capitol Drive In Greater San Francisco, 6. Glendale Drive in Phoenix, 7. AMC Disney Springs Orlando, 8. Cinemark North Canton Cleveland, 9. Cinemark Majestic Cinemas Boys, and 10. Cinemark Tinseltown Colorado Springs. The DMA’s top ten were 1. Salt Lake City, 2. Dallas, 3. Phoenix, 4. Houston, 5. Greater New York Metro Area (NJ, CT, and Upstate NY theaters), 6. Denver, 7. Atlanta, 8 Orlando 9. Tampa and 10. Miami.

Box office weekend for January 8-10, the second weekend of 2021 are as follows:

1.) Wonder Woman 1984 (WB) 2218 Theaters (+67) /$ 3M (-45%) / Total: $ 32.6M / Week 3

2.) Croods: A New Era (University) 1,818 Theaters (+67), 3 days: $ 1.8 million (-19%) Total: $ 36.8M / Week 7

3.) world News (University) 1,986 Theaters (+58), 3 days: $ 1.24 million (-27%) / Total: $ 7.1M / Week 3

4.) Monster hunter (Sony) 1765 theaters (-42), 3 days: $ 1.1 million (-13%) / Total: $ 7.8M / Week 4

5.) Fatal (Lionsgate) 1,222 Theaters (+39), 3 days: $ 670K (-4%), Total: $ 4M / week 4

6.) Promising young woman (Focus) 1448 Theaters (+115), 3 days: $ 560K (-19%) / Total: $ 2.7M / Week 3

7.) Pinocchio (RSA) 821 Theaters (-3), 3 days: $ 208,7k (-30%) / Total: $ 1.1M / Week 3

8.) The war with Grandpa (101) 385 Theaters (+80), 3 days: $ 147K (+ 17%), Total: $ 19M / Week 14

9.) Come play (Foc / Amb) 151 Theaters (+41), 3 Days: $ 95K (+ 6%) / Total: $ 9.6M / Week 11

10.) Half-brother (Foc) 167 Theaters (+33), 3 Days: 60 thousand dollars (+ 48%) / Total: $ 2.1M / Week 6

11.) alien (20th / Dec) 420 Theaters (-85), 3 days 60 thousand dollars (-9%) / Total $ 82M / week 2,173

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