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Vision and Wanda now in full color.

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Marvel’s WandaVision Episode 3, now airing, is pouring into color as the surrealism of the suburban sitcom reaches the 1970s. From Quicksilver to SWORD, what Easter eggs are marvel Do references the third batch of Disney Plus Series reveal?

New chapters of the nine-part Disney Plus show It arrives every Friday. starting from Episodes 1 and 2In, we sum up each episode and dive into Wanda Maximoff’s mysterious reality (Elizabeth OlsenAnd seeing android embarrassing)Paul Bettany).

Here are the Easter eggs we spotted in episode three. But be warned: spoilers for all episodes!

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Welcome to Westview

All indications are that Wanda and Vision are trapped in a kind of complex reality. Like, actual craft signs: The billboard that welcomes visitors to Westview denotes that artificial nature with the slogan „Home is where you make it”.

For children

Vision wants to call the baby Billy, after William Shakespeare, and makes another reference to the artificial nature of reality („The whole world is a stage …”). Wanda prefers the all-American name Tommy.

They are lucky, because it turns out that they have twins! In the comics, Wanda’s desire for children led to many dramatic (and tragic) facts. It has been revealed that her twin boys are shards of the demon Mephisto, who may or may not appear on the show. Most recently, Wanda’s two adult sons Billy and Tommy joined the Young Avengers as Wiccan and Speed ​​champions.

In Episode 3, the unusual nature of Wanda’s pregnancy is illustrated by its alarming rapid progress, but there are also hints that the babies are somehow artificial. Throughout Episode 3, Wanda subconsciously brings life to various inanimate objects, including paper butterflies and the stork board. It’s also connected in some way to the technology and infrastructure of Brady Bunch-style setting, as its shrinkage affects household gadgets and explodes energy.


The moment Vision expresses doubts about the strange reality they’re in, the show gets bogged down. The vision was skipped back a few seconds, but this time his doubts vanished. It’s unclear how it happened, but when the beekeeper stepped out of the manhole in Episode 2, we could clearly see that it was Wanda who did the rewinding. The question remains whether someone else is responsible for the reality and forbidding Vision from seeing the truth, or whether it is Wanda herself – and will even manipulate her beloved vision to mask the harsh reality.


In Episode 1 we saw the Stark Industries toaster. In Episode 2 it was Hydra’s watch. And in Episode 3, the evil Hydra brand returns with a commercial for Hydra Soak Luxury Bath Soap. The first two announcements appear to be drawn from Wanda’s memories, while this one appears to be related to the pressures of impending parenthood.

The voiceover again refers to an artificial truth (“Escape to a world of your own …”). Meanwhile, the ad slogan is „Find the Goddess Inside”. It could mean two things: Wanda could release a goddess-like power within herself, or it could mean that a goddess is somehow trapped inside something – perhaps a reference to the constructed reality in which Wanda and Viz live.

Once again the two actors in the ads are Victoria Blade and Ithamar Enriquez. The frequent presence of the same man and woman in Wanda’s memories indicates that it might be her parents.

Without a home

wandavision-disney plus-ep3

Geraldine is expelled from Westview in Episode 3.

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Geraldine is described as having „no home”. We have no idea the significance of her story about the Marshmallow Moon Men and her faltering boss – the name „Haddocks” never appears in the comics we can think of. However, Geraldine is the only person on the show who remembers real-world events. Wanda remembers her twin brother Pietro (AKA Quicksilver) but it’s Geraldine who reminds her of being killed in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Wanda coldly pulls Geraldine out of the sitcom, hiding in her past a kind of field of power and landing in a field crowded by armed agents. This official looking fixation appears to have something to do with SWORD, the organization that appears to be monitoring events and for which Geraldine wears its icon.

Played before Tiona ParisGeraldine is reportedly the adult version of Monica Rimbaud, who was last seen as a young girl in the movie Captain Marvel. If it is now in the real world, we might get some answers in Episode 4.


Every week, a pop song from the era offers a kind of deeper meaning. Although it looks like the show moved past the 1970s, it was 1967 this week Daydreams locked by the Monkees. Lines such as „Rejoice, Sleeping Jean” suggest a type of forced sleep or that the place is some kind of dream or an imagined reality. Although the line „Oh, what could it mean?” It can indicate viewers trying to discover what is happening.


Obviously, when you see anything or text on screen, it’s worth taking a closer look – that’s how eagle-eyed fans discovered the pivot comic reference on the wine bottle in the first episode. In this episode, the paint cans that Wanda used to decorate the nursery are named „Simsar”. Another indication of Marvel’s continuity? No, it’s the name of the storyboard artist on the show Jeremy Simser. Not everything is proof.

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