Tony Di Angelo is not in the Rangers’ squad for the game against the Islanders

Rangers coach David Quinn changes his squad after just one game.

Quinn said Tony Di Angelo would be seated on the bench for Saturday night’s rematch against residents of the island. The defender doubled a penalty kick in the third game with a minor Rangers double-foul of unsportsmanlike behavior. The season opening loss 4-0 Thursday to the Islanders In the garden.

DeAngelo, who signed a two-year contract worth $ 9.6 million in October, He did not skate with the main group in training on Friday Relegated to exercises with the coaching team. NHLer for the fifth year, which kicked off last season with 53 points in 68 games, cannot be officially named to the taxi team without removing the waivers.

“When we make changes, we can always come back,” Quinn said on Saturday. „If they don’t work we can [go] To plan b. „

Quinn had said last week that the Rangers had spoken with Di Angelo after the defender caused a stir By deleting his Twitter account It described the social media platform as a „disgrace” after President Trump was permanently banned from the site following the January 6 riots at the US Capitol.

Quinn said Brendan Smith will replace Di Angelo in the squad against the Islanders, with striker Phil de Giuseppe replacing Kevin Rooney.

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