Tommy Hilfiger sells his $ 45 million mansion and is said to be moving to Florida

Fashion icon Tommy Hilfiger finally sold his blockbuster car in Connecticut big house For $ 45 million and it will move 1,250 miles south.

Hilfiger signed a deal in less than half a year, according to New York Post. The 22-acre estate was originally listed in September by Sotheby’s International Realty Greenwich Brokerage.

TOMMY HILFIGER’s CONNECTICUT home is listed for sale

The Normandy French mansion is located at 30 John Street in Greenwich, Conn. It features six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and three powder rooms.

Hilfiger, 69, and his wife De Oclebo, 54, have lived in the mansion for nearly a decade.

The couple were treated with upscale amenities, including a private pool, spacious covered car park, and six heaters to keep warm during the winter months. There is also an ironing pond, tennis court, decorative fountains, several parks and lawns.


Stunning views of the New York City skyline and Long Island Sound can be seen from the property’s highest point known as Round Hill, which rises 570 feet above sea level, according to Zello.

The impressive mansion was originally built in 1939 by award-winning architect Grefel Ricard.

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He reportedly bought Hilfiger luxurious. luxury Home in 2010 to about # 31 million, according to It is said that the palace has been restored and modernized.

Several reports have stated that the famous couple is looking forward to Palm Beach for their next date Homepage.

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In September, the Wall Street Journal reported that Hilfiger and Oclebo were moving to Florida for tax and personal reasons, which were not identified at the time.

The couple are not strangers to the state either. Hilfiger bought a house in Miami in 2013 for $ 17.25 million, according to

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His golden beach mansion at 605 Ocean Boulevard is currently listed for $ 23.5 million by real estate broker Fernando Pettiniroli of Dezer Platnium Realty.

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