This $ 23 emergency radio is all you need to survive a zombie (or robot) disaster.


We seem to be approaching some kind of apocalypse every day, but even if you aren’t fighting hordes of zombies or killer robots, you might still need to know the weather in the middle of a hurricane. This is where the emergency radio comes in. Dodocool Emergency Radio has all bases covered, including AM / FM and NOAA weather broadcast, flashlight and 2000 mAh USB charging for your portable devices. Now you can have this Emergency Radio for $ 23 When you click the coupon on the product page and apply the promotional code TECHB0025 When you go out. This will save you 34% off the regular $ 35 price.

The best part about this radio – and the feature that caught my eye – is the manual crank, which lets you operate it entirely with human muscles. Whether you run it yourself or choose to keep your kids busy during a power outage by turning on the radio, it’s up to you. During routine and non-emergency situations, you can use the radio without straining yourself, as it operates on your choice of AC, three AAA batteries, USB or solar power as well.

The radio is very compact. It measures approximately 7 x 5 x 3 inches, but is packed with routine and survival features. There is a flashlight and reading lamp, SOS alarm and radio, plus a 2000 mAh power bank. This versatility could earn him a spot on camping trips as well as a robotic infestation removal kit.

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