The Yankees trade Adam Ottavino with the Red Sox in a move to save cash

Adam Ottavino’s disappointing tenure ended with the Yankees – and he heads for the Red Sox.

A source confirmed that the right-handed man was transacted to Boston on Monday, with the Red Sox team taking most of the $ 9 million owed to Otavino, who enters the final year of his $ 27 million three-year deal.

The Yankees were looking to move Ottavino, 35, to edit their payroll as they look to stay below the $ 210 million luxury tax threshold this season.

Ottavino’s loss leaves the Yankees with Aroldes Chapman, Zach Britton and Chad Green in the back of the Polpin. It also leaves them another open place on the 40-man roster after adding Jameson Tillon, Corey Klopper, and DJ Limahue last week.

Ottavino was effective in his first season with the Yankees, when he finished 1.90 eras. But he fought back in September of that season and was horrific against the Astros at ALCS.

Ottavino played a rough season for 2020, when he had 5.89 PM in 24 appearances and was a non-play in the qualifiers, appearing only once and allowed into ⅔ of the game in a Yankees 2 defeat to ALDS.

Adam Ottavino traded with the Red Sox
Adam Ottavino on September 18, 2019
Charles Weinselberg / New York Post

„I want to stay in the team. I want to prove my strength. I want to put on a good show,” Ottavino told the Washington Post, Ken Davidoff in December.

„I want to finish what we’ve been trying to start in the last few years and win this title and all that. It’s not up to me. So I don’t care about any of that, really.”

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