The Simpsons seems to get it right again about the inauguration

However, as the longest running sitcom in US history, Immortal series She often finds herself in tune with the „life imitates art” moments that happen years after broadcast.
This week, for example, social media users couldn’t help but wonder about the last encounter between the vice president. Kamala Harris costume During the opening and costume Lisa Simpson in an episode of 2000.
In „Bart to the Future,” Lisa takes over the chair and Now asking virus The line, „You know, we inherited the budget crisis from President Trump.”

In the ring, Lisa wore a purple jacket and pearls. At the inauguration on Wednesday, Harris wore a purple jacket and pearls. With Harris serving right after Donald Trump’s presidency, comparisons are drawn by viewers with ease.

The similarities with the inauguration didn’t stop there for fans of The Simpsons. Actor Tom Hanks appeared as a host during a Virtual party Wednesday evening, who aimed to keep up with President Joe Biden the issue of national unity in times of crisis.
In the 2007 movie „The Simpsons Movie”, Hanks In a cameo role The Grand Canyon presents a proposed new in Springfield, the birthplace of the Simpsons.

„Hey. I’m Tom Hanks. The US government has discredited it, so it is borrowing some of my credibility,” he says.

At the end of the scene, he said, „If you’re going to choose a government that you trust, why not be this government?”

Speculation about visionary display capabilities is nothing new. Fans claim that Display a forecast, Among others, Siegfried and Roy Tiger attack, Smart watches, „The killing hornets,”And Disney Buy Twentieth Century Fox.

The longevity of the show and the exhaustion of potential sitcom scenarios have been cited in other comedies, including the „South Park” episode, „The Simpsons Already Done It”.

When asked in 2016 about the prediction of Donald Trump’s presidency In advance yet„It was a warning to America,” writer Dan Greeny told The Hollywood Reporter.

He added, „This seemed to be the logical last stop before it reached the bottom. It was put forward because it was consistent with seeing America go crazy.”

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