The legacy moment for Packers QB Aaron Rodgers is approaching

A chance to forge another legacy moment approaching Green Bay Packers midfielder Aaron Rodgers.

In fact, a Sunday trip to Chicago might mean a great deal of final look at Rodgers’ legacy, especially in Green Bay.

All the matches against the Bears added extra significance, but Sunday’s season finale provides an opportunity for players to snatch the NFC top seed and clear the way to the Super Bowl through Green Bay, as well as an opportunity for Rodgers to clinch their third-best player title, an important singles milestone.

With his victory on Sunday, Rodgers could take a big step towards playing the second Super Bowl match and a major step toward joining an exclusive group of players with three or more players.

Only 12 quarterback players were the first to win two or more Super Bowl wins, and only five were the best players in three or more times. Only two players – Peyton Manning and Tom Brady – have won at least two Super Bowls and at least three players.

Legacy matters to all the great players, whether they admit it publicly or not. Rodgers has never been shy about discussing the significance of his legacy within the Packers franchise and the game’s history.

The win on Sunday cannot be understated. Since he initially became a midfielder in 2008, Rodgers and Packers have played in four matches for the NFC title. All four matches were played at locations other than Green Bay, a fact that Rodgers mentioned over and over again. By securing the # 1 seed, the Packers would set a scenario where he would secure one win for the NFC title game at Lambeau Field.

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Rodgers’ long-awaited second appearance in the Super Bowl may depend on whether or not the Packers can secure the top seed, which includes a first-round farewell and guaranteed home games during the post-season period. As Rodgers knows all too well, nothing is certain and the challenge was amplified when playing on a trip to the Super Bowl away from home.

Rodgers is no stranger to legacy moments against bears or Soldier Field. Won his first NFC title match in Chicago. He hit Randall Cope in a match-winning and division-winning match in Chicago in 2013. He threw a six-in-one touchdown against the Bears in 2014. He came back and beat the Bears on one leg in the season opener in 2018. The games against the bears paved the way for many of his biggest achievements Rodgers Professional.

Sunday is opening a similar stage.

Rodgers is possibly a solid performer out of the third best player. He is, at least by betting criteria, the front runner over Patrick Mahomes who entered Week 17. Mahoms did not play well at Week 16 and will be sitting on Sunday, leaving Rodgers in the spotlight at the end. The Packers midfielder has created 47 touchdowns and has the best league passing rankings in 2020. By most statistical metrics, Rodgers is the best choice, but voters can be influenced by what happens on Sunday at Soldier Field. The Rodgers could snatch the best player, but he might as well lose it. At the individual level, the stakes are high.

Another factor to consider: Rodgers and his teammates are currently grieving over the unexpected loss of the Pro Bowl left hand to David Bakhtiari, who injured his knee during training on Thursday and will miss the rest of the season. The impact of his injury threatens to sabotage Green Bay’s chances in the Super Bowl. On Sunday, Rodgers and the Packers have a chance to rally around injury, win one for their injured teammate, and build some confidence in going to the qualifiers without one of their best players.

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Without a doubt, Rodgers understands the moment and what is in front of him, as a team and as an individual. Who knows if he gets another chance like this again as the Green Bay Packers midfielder. His future is unclear, and teams change rapidly from year to year in the NFL. With the salary cap lowered, this team will look a lot different next year. The Packers, with an elite attack and a rising defense, are one of the few legitimate contenders for the Super Bowl. The window is now open.

Aaron Rodgers’ legacy as the future Hall of Fame midfielder is indeed an incredible one, but the 37-year-old could write some of its hottest chapters over the next month or so, starting Sunday in Chicago. A chance to snatch the No. 1 seed and another MVP is the legacy moment that awaits him on Soldier Field at the end of the season.

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