„The Bachelor” star James McCoy Taylor was invited by the other cast of the Undergraduate band to attend the Capitol rally

Members A nation of bachelors They call out James McCoy Taylor For attending the „Save America” ​​rally, which turned into riots, the protesters descended on the Capitol.

Taylor, an outspoken supporter of Donald Trump, Appeared in the 2016 season of Jojo Fletchers of „The Bachelorette” but has incensed others since then from the popular dating show ABC. The core of their criticism stems from a tweet Taylor posted last week stating that ABC and the producers behind the reality show were okay with him attending the controversial event.

„Thank you so much to the #TheBachelor family for their support during this time … from top to bottom,” he wrote. „Conservative Producers Are The Best !! Thanks @ ABCNetwork @ ABC & BachelorABC for supporting me while I was legally supporting our President.”

It is not clear whether McCoy was among the group that violated Capitol security on January 6 while the Senate was meeting to validate the Electoral College votes from the November elections. However, he spent the days leading up to the January 6 meeting in Washington, DC, Encourage his followers To come „Fight for a man who has been fighting for you for 4 years.”

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Representatives of „The Bachelorette” did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

However, Ben Higgins, who starred in „The Bachelor” in 2016, told Insider that Taylor is simply lying about the show and the network is okay with his presence.

„It was a dark day in American history and it was there for it and it is still being promoted through. I can’t say he and I have anything in common,” He said to the port. „However, he represents the” bachelor „and I think he went so far as to say that” the bachelor „supported his efforts to do so – that’s wrong! And he’s lying.”

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Recording artist and „The Bachelor” star, James McCoy Taylor, has been summoned by former contestants to attend the January 6 protest at the US Capitol.
(Rick Diamond / ACMA2017 / Getty Images for ACM)

Higgins added, „It didn’t happen. Nobody supported him in that. He is lying and lying is not acceptable. I don’t know why he’s doing that.”

The Outlet notes that, in addition to reprimanding Higgins for Taylor’s tweet, series creator Mike Fleece did not break into words when discussing Taylor’s presence in what became a riot.

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„Whoever this ex-cast / goofy member who went to Trump’s traitorous career, I got a message for you … you are officially banished from #BachelorNation !!!” he wrote.

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Former „The Bachelor” star Rachel Lindsay, who spoke candidly about incorporating more diversity into the show into the show, Reply to that tweet Write: „Reason # 4853569536 We have to do better with Uplink.”

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