Steve Curry’s ankle injury is not thought to be serious, says Steve Kerr

Breathe quietly, Dob nation.

In the fourth quarter of Warriors loss 108-101 To the Los Angeles Clippers at Chase Center Wednesday night, Steve Curry walked off the field with a slight limp after twisting his ankle while trying to open up to the attack.

According to NBC Sports Bay Area Warriors Monty Ball, coach Steve Kerr said Curry only sustained a minor injury.

The Warriors had vacation on Thursday but will host the Clippers again on Friday. Curry has clearly been the focus of Los Angeles’ defensive play plan, often two and three team all night long. He finished the season with a low 13 points on shots of 5 of 17, including only 1 in 6 of 3 points.

Curry has been a catalyst for Warriors this season, and he has been highlighted Career best 62 points blast On Sunday. Without him, the Warriors would be missing the best goalscorer, player and mover. Through eight matches this season, Curry averaged 29.6 points per competition, which is ranked second in the NBA.

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Andrew Wiggins put in a brilliant 19-point night on Wednesday, but fellow winger Kelly Uber Jr. continued his struggles early in the season on offense, moving to 0-6 from 3-point range and 4-13 from the field to an eight-point finish. Wiggins and Aubrey Jr. didn’t show that they could be consistent enough to carry warriors every night.

It became clear that Curry would have to do the heavy lifting for this squad throughout the season. If he had to miss some time, the Warriors would get an early test of their depth and strength.

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