Pokémon Red is playable on Twitter’s avatar now, in a way

A few years ago, “Twitch Plays” appeared PokemonHe briefly dominated the world of geeks, and they developed their dramatic, unforgettable legends in a matter of days. On Twitch Stream, people were allowed to dictate file commands Pokemon The game that is played on the screen via commentary. This concept has gained a lot of traction in various different ways since then. The latest development of this idea comes from a Twitter user Constantine Leitard, That made it possible to play Pokemon Red In the user’s Twitter avatar.

Basically, everyone can Tweet with a command – “Up,” “Down,” “Left,” “Right,” “A,” “B,” “Start,” or “Select” – and the more specific will be the next command that will happen in the game. Then the avatar is updated on Twitter with a picture that represents the new state of the game. Twitter avatar updates Every 15 secondsBasically, this means performing a single action Pokemon Red Every 15 seconds.

If you want to get particularly serious with playing Pokemon Red On your Twitter avatar, you can even join a Discord server Around it.

Let us know if you will join the conquest effort Pokemon Red On social media. This is a very strange and unique setting that we hope for Nintendo It will not erase it.


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