Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady Goat’s legacies collided

When all is said and done, Patrick Mahomes may well become the greatest footballer of all time.

Yes, Tom Brady and his six episodes have still loomed large, especially since the two of them He’ll meet in the Super Bowl in two weeks. But Mahomes may one day get there, which is not a rash or controversial statement. Not after winning his first Super Bowl last February at the age of 24 – the same age that Brady won his first match – and especially after that. The latest performance of the legendary Mahomes.

On Sunday, seven days after suffering a traumatic toe injury and concussion, Mahomes came out and dominated the AFC Championship match to such an amazing degree that his 62-year-old future Hall of Fame coach left him. The next dread Chiefs wins 38-24 Above the buffalo bills.

Andy Reid, the Chiefs coach, said after the match: „I’m an old man I’ve seen very good players, and I’m sitting there,” It looks like this guy is a little bit more amazing with me in every game. „

Arguably Patrick Mahomes has the greatest start to a NFL career of any QB in league history. He has competed in the AFC title match for three consecutive seasons, and has won the title twice, most recently on Sunday against Buffalo. (Photo by Jimmy Squire / Getty Images)

Reed, who once coached Brett Favre in his prime, was one voice in the chorus of praise.

Terran Matteo said: „He’s a player, so it doesn’t necessarily matter the situation or the circumstances – he tends to be above it all.”

Travis Kelsey said: „We just had a midfielder who could deliver all the right plays and all the right throws.” „Today was flawless.”

Mahomes’ final count line was just that. He outdid an extremely hungry Josh Allen – Another MVP candidate worthy of this season By completing a 29 of 38 for 325 yards, three touchdowns and no interceptions, his pass rating of 127.6 was the highest since Nov.1.

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Buffalo thought it was a Team of Destiny, but many of the teams felt this way, only to have their hopes dashed by alpha pimps at the height of their power. That’s what Mahomes, the science of Bills, and that’s what Brady is. Which is why their next Super Bowl LV match will be so special.

Sure, it’s a battle between old goats versus young goats, with the new Mahums school, as they improvise a QB play versus the old school pocket model Brady imagines to be Easy storyNot to mention the fortune of league ratings.

For those who love the history of the game, those who value legacies, it promises to be so much more. In a league where getting to the Super Bowl is difficult, Brady’s victory will make it difficult for Mahomes to overtake him in terms of loops. The 7-1 advantage is hard to beat, although it is a testament to Mahomes’ incredible skill that will be out of the question.

But with Mahomes winning, he would * only * need * four more seasons to match Brady, perhaps with 10 to 15 seasons or more to play. The odds aren’t terrible, given the Mahomes’ big gifts and the fantastic Kansas City infrastructure.

What’s more, there is a possibility that this is the last time we see these two meet, because Brady is 43 years old and no date has been set for playing each other in the regular season of 2021. This could be the watershed halftime, as they compete The two won 2–2 against each other with Brady winning the first two matches and Mahoms winning the last two, including a 27–24 match earlier in the season.

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Well, I just call this „Brady-Mahomes V: Winner Takes All.” Not only for the crown of the 2020 season, but for the legacy as well.

Brady can see this todayThis possible passage of the next torch. That’s why he pursued the Mahums in the Chiefs’ locker room after their second showdown, as the Patriots beat Chiefs in the 2018 AFC Championship match.

“He reaffirmed that I was doing things the right way, that I was doing the right thing and that I would have more opportunities to participate in these games,” Mahomes recalls on Sunday.

Brady was right, as Mahomes has gone on to 2-for-2 in conference title games ever since.

And now, within two weeks, Brady will find himself facing a leaner, more armed version of himself in football’s biggest stage, with GOAT status potentially suspended one day. If Mahoms wins on Sunday and ends his career with six titles, we’d look at this as a tie-breaker, sort of when Michael Jordan Bowles beat the Magic Johnson Lakers in the 1991 NBA Finals.

There’s a good chance both midfielders will know it, too. While Brady’s decision to flee New England in the last season – and prove Bill Bleeschek wrong – revealed another example of his Jordan-like competitiveness, don’t think for a second that his young rival, the man who went 25-1 in his last 26 starts, doesn’t have these. Theme as well.

Mahmiz’s attack on Buffalo on Sunday against his talented young rival in Allen provided more evidence of his domestic rival. He noticed some who thought he was the least in the AFC Championship match QBs.

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His post-game comments about Brady and Bucks were a sign that he is fully aware of the historical implications of his next game.

“Being able to take on one of the greatest, if not the greatest midfielder of all time in the 150th Super Bowl, I mean, would be a great experience for me,” Mahmiz joked, before getting serious.

„Going there and getting a chance to repeat and do it against the best, it’s something special. I’m excited about this opportunity.”

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