Panthers are among the interested teams in Washington QB Dwayne Haskins

Dwayne Haskins is gone Unclaimed waivers But you might not have a problem getting to the candidate list in 2021.

NFL Network Insider’s Ian Rapoport reported Wednesday that the former Washington first-round selection has received interest from several teams, including Carolina Panthers, according to a source familiar with the situation.

Rapoport added that he was unlikely to sign Haskins before the end of the season, but the Panthers and others were still mesmerized by the 23-year-old QB’s fetish.

Like Haskins ‘rapid demise in Washington after only 13 startups The False Organization brought him into the block, a new unrelated coach who never came up for sale at QB, Haskins’ poor performance, and recent troubles off the field.

Other organizations will likely see the heavily armed QB as a talent that could grow into a NFL player under the right conditions.

Leopards are an interesting team of Haskins. Matt Rowley’s attack is apt for QB, and the drive can be the type of coach to convince the best of Haskins. Teddy Bridgewater’s contract keeps him in town for at least another year, but there’s room for a smaller signal caller that’s growing alongside the veteran. PJ Walker and Will Grier are currently the backups of the Panthers, but it seems likely that Rhule may want to import another option with a higher elevation in the long run.

The teams weren’t interested in having the secured final years of Haskins’ bullish decade. Washington is on the hook for that. But Haskins still has the talent to be a NFL player if he improves his reading readings and learns to better maneuver around pressure. For the right price, there could be several teams looking to add the young QB as a legitimate option with a big spike in 2021.

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