„Our team spirit comes from Auckland.”

The Golden State Warriors now reside in San Francisco, but for the many players and coaches who have brought tournaments to the Bay Area in recent years, the connection to Oakland – the city the team has played for 47 years and recently went to five consecutive NBA Finals within the Oracle Arena – is Still stronger than ever. Those roots were evident when the Warriors discussed what it means for them to wear their new „Oakland Forever” shirts – with Oakland embossed on their chest – which will make their debut during Wednesday’s game against the San Antonio Spurs.

„This is fire,” forward Warriors Diamond Green He said during a videoconference with reporters after Monday night’s win at the Los Angeles Lakers. „You know, I’m dancing with Auckland; this is my second home. Our team spirit comes from Oakland. That’s just kind of what it is. The spirit of this organization is built in Auckland; that’s the reality.”

The shirts that the „We Believe” Warriors made famous during the 2007 playoff tour are blue with gold Oakland writing and an orange outline. They are part of the City Edition collection that Nike collects every year throughout the League.

„I love shirts,” said Warriors coach Steve Kerr after training on Tuesday. „I think they have a really nice look, and the fact that they say their Oakland is great. I’ll forever be five years of incredible memories of playing at Oracle and working out in Auckland every day at our facility, and living in East Bay.”

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„These guys are right: Oakland will forever be a big part of our identity and our roots. We are the Bay Area team. Obviously, the team played in San Francisco before they played in Oakland, so we’re very proud to represent the entire bay. But Oakland will always have a stature.” Especially in our hearts. „

The Warriors moved into their new home, Chase Center in San Francisco, ahead of the 2019-20 season. As employees realized the relocation, given the massive revenue potential of the sparkling new building that cost more than $ 1 billion to build, it was difficult for many to leave East Bay due to their affinity for the community in which they grew up calling home.

To Star Warriors Stephen Curry, Jerseys are a reminder of the start of the NBA. The Warriors earned Davidson a seventh choice in the 2009 NBA Draft, making him the last player on the current list to wear a „We Believe” shirt during his first season in the league.

„They were fire,” Curry said Monday night, referring in this case to what these people were made of. „But this was the old stuff; it was heavy as hell. That was the only thing I remember; you wear it, versus how it’s made now, it’s day and night. But the look, it’s so classic. Whenever you think old school, and think about this privilege, Oakland, the expression of what we were, those shirts front and center, front of mind. „

The Warriors wore the white version of „We Believe” shirts during the final game of the regular season at the Oracle Arena during the 2018-19 season, but this will be the first time the group has been able to wear a shirt with actually Oakland written on it.

“The last time we wore it, the last regular season game in ’19 at Oracle, it was an amazing moment to bring them back,” Curry said. „Obviously having Oakland on his chest now, it’s special. We have a lot of great memories there on this side of.” [Bay] bridge. Respect the basketball era warrior. Obviously, it’s special to me because it’s a general junior; I was the only one on this team who wore their clothes, so it’s very special. „

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