New York Cityfield has turned into a „mega” Covid vaccination site: Mayor

Citi Field baseball stadium, home of the New York Mets Major League Baseball, on September 7, 2019 in Flushing, Queens, New York City.

Tim Clayton | Corbis Sport | Getty Images

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday that New York will transform Cityfield into a „massive” 24/7 vaccination site by the end of January in an effort to vaccinate thousands of residents daily.

In a joint announcement with Mets owner Steve Cohen, de Blasio said that New York City Health and Hospitals would run the site, the home of the New York Mets, with the goal of giving between 5,000 and 7,000 rounds per day.

The announcement comes a day after Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garsty announced that his city will set up a vaccination site at Dodger Stadium by the end of this week. This facility will be able to deliver up to 12,000 rounds per day, according to a statement released by Garcetti’s office on Monday.

„This will help a lot of people get vaccinated,” de Blasio said during a press briefing. „We welcome all New Yorkers. We even welcome the Yankees; there is no discrimination.”

The Mayor of New York was pressing Gov. Andrew Como To increase the number of people eligible for a coronavirus vaccine, beyond the highest priority healthcare workers. Cuomo agreed to the city’s request last week and said that people aged 75 and over, as well as essential workers such as first responders, teachers, school staff and more, across the state could be vaccinated against the disease starting this week.

From Tuesday, the state will open vaccinations for Covid-19 Everyone 65 years of age or older plus younger people who are immunocompromisedThe Democratic governor said during a phone call to reporters Tuesday morning.

However, it appears the problem so far has not been finding space to vaccinate people – it was securing the supply of potion. Cuomo said the newly expanded federal guidelines apply to about 7 million people, but that the state only receives about 300,000 doses per week.

„I urge you to be patient because unfortunately there are many more New Yorkers who are eligible for vaccine supplies than the federal government,” Cuomo said in a tweet on Tuesday.

De Blasio said the city carried out 26,000 vaccinations on Monday. At this rate, the city will be out of vaccinations in less than two weeks, he said.

„We will need the doses to continue this kind of effort,” he said.

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