Netflix movie trailer promoting „To All the Boys 3”, „Kissing Booth 3” and more

Netflix Movie craze in 2021, as evidenced by the trailer that the broadcast giant dropped on us Tuesday morning.

Featured in the montage – and accompanied by shouts from the cast members – are the triads To All Boys: Always And Forever And the Kissing booth 3. There’s also a lot of „movie star” power on hand, with presenter Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson (who stars in the action thriller) Red noticeHalle Berry (Promote Directing Debut, Bruising) And others.

Appearing early in the trailer is a peek at The hardest fallenA highly-anticipated Western crew includes Regina King (Guards(And Jonathan Majors)Country of love).

Watch the trailer below, then read below for a list of movies on offer.

The films appeared in the trailer, in the order they appeared (and Note any available release dates) , she: Red notice (Starring Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot and Dwayne Johnson), The hardest fallen (Regina King, Jonathan Majors, Zazie Beetz and Lakeith Stanfield), Thunder Force (Octavia Spencer and Melissa McCarthy) Bruising (Directed / co-starred with Halle Berry) Mark … boom! (Directed by Lin Manuel Miranda), Kissing booth 3 (Joy King) To All Boys: Always And Forever (Lana Condor, Noah Centineo) and The woman at the window (Emmy Adams).

Follow them Escape from Spiderhead (Chris Hemsworth ringerLike CGI Speedboat. Yes today (Jennifer Garner, on March 12th), Sweet Girl (Jason Momoa) Army of the dead (Directed by Zack Snyder), Outside the wire (Anthony Macy & Damson Idris, January 15th) Bad trip (Eric Andre, Lil Real Horry, Tiffany Haddish and Michaela Konlin), O2And the The last mercenaries (Jean-Claude Van Damme) Kit (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) Fear StreetAnd the Night teeth (Debbie Ryan and Lucy Fry), Malcolm and Mary (Zendaya & John David Washington, February 5) and Monster (Jennifer Hudson, Jeffrey Wright, and Jaryl Jerome).

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Close out trailer Moxie (Directed / co-starred with Amy Poehler, March 3), White Tiger (Based on the award-winning novel, released January 22nd), My double dad, back to the hinterland (Where the zoo animals plan to escape), Beauty (Written by Lena Wyethie) and do not search (Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence).

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