Lamar Jackson of the Baltimore Ravens fears the prospect of his first snow game against the Buffalo Bills

Owings Mills – Baltimore Ravens Quarterback Lamar Jackson He never played a game on ice, nor does he want that streak to end in Saturday’s playoff match against AFC teams in Buffalo vs Balez.

When asked about his experience playing snowboarding, Jackson said, „Zero. On Saturday it will be the first time that I will play football on ice, if that happens. I hope it doesn’t.”

As of Tuesday, there is a 40% chance of snowfall at Bills Stadium on Saturday night. The buildup can be as much as an inch.

Jackson, who grew up in South Florida, said he remembers when he first saw snow, during his time in Louisville.

Jackson said, „We fought a snowball fight, and that’s totally different than playing it.”

Starting the left guard Bradley Bozeman Echoing Jackson’s feelings about playing the post-season game in the snow.

„Big men in slippery situations aren’t always a good thing,” Bozeman said.

Jackson, the ruling NFL MVP, could wear gloves in Buffalo, but that wouldn’t be for weather reasons. He wore a glove on his left hand in the second half of the Wild Champion Ravens’ victory 20–13 over the Tennessee Titans on Sunday because he confused his thumb.

Jackson said, „I’m fine.”

Jackson was not included in the Ravens’ team injury report on Tuesday, when the team held a tour.

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