Lakers versus Bucks score: Live updates such as LeBron & Co. meet, Milwaukee led by Giannis in possible final preview

Two contenders compete head-to-head as the Milwaukee Bucks host the Los Angeles Lakers Thursday evening. The game is the first scheduled meeting between the two teams of the season, and can serve as a preview of the NBA Finals. With the meeting date approaching, the two teams sat second in the standings in their respective conventions, with the Bucks trailing half a match behind the Philadelphia 76ers. Meanwhile, the Lakers have the same record as the other team in Los Angeles, but the Clippers currently have the tiebreaker, thanks to their season opener victory over their rivals in crosstown. Although there is still a long way to go before the post-season begins, this match is a good measure of the first season for both teams.

It was a back and forth game in three quarters, but the Lakers led it 86-81 with 12 minutes to play. Night story yet? Not LeBron James and his 22 points or Jrue Holiday and his 20, but Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, who continued his sharp start to the season with one of the best shooting nights of his career. By three quarters, he’s 6 out of 7 behind the arc, which makes him up 58 percent for the season. These heavyweight matches are often limited to the team players who appear, and the Lakers have been the Lakers.

Follow below for real-time updates throughout the game.

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