Kid Rock adheres to 6 characters for the Small Business Barstool Sports Fund

Rock kid He announced in a tweet on Monday that he would stick 100,000 dollars Towards Barstool Sports Fund to support it Small business Affected Corona VirusRelated restrictions.

The singer-songwriter wrote: „This is the America I love!” „Put me down for 100k. And I’m posting this only in hopes that blessed others like me will be affected to help.”

The celebrity contribution appears to be the second largest donation made to the fund to date, following the contribution of Barstool Sports founder David Portnoy himself.

The Barstall Fund helps a „miracle,” as the New York restaurant owner said

Portnoy Announce the initiative Last month, he pledged to contribute $ 500,000 of his own money to the cause.

In order to qualify, companies need to maintain an active payroll. Barstool will help selected small businesses pay any costs they have to stay afloat until the pandemic is over.

“We hope to be able to save as many small businesses as possible,” Portnoy said. In a video message.

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Small business owners who need help can apply on

Those interested in helping can also make a tax-free contribution directly to the fund or by purchasing a T-shirt on the Barstool Fund website.

According to Barstool, 100% of net proceeds will be directed to support small businesses.

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As of Monday evening, the fund had raised more than $ 18 million from 139,500 individual donations and supported nearly 74 small businesses.

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