Joel Embiid declares the Philadelphia 76ers a „Wanted” win

Joel Embiid Learn what the Philadelphia 76ers were in on Tuesday night against the visiting Miami Heat.

He played a short-term match for the third game in a row and on the second night of a game in a row – and that was before the Philadelphia rangers were available, Ben Simons And the Therese Maxi, Contaminated – Sixers were easy to fill out.

However, Ambed had other ideas.

Thanks to the dominant second half – scoring 35 points from 45 points from his season high to line up with 16 rebounds, four assists and five steals for a final base line, only Charles Barkley had faced them in a Sixers uniform in nearly half a century – Empiide was able to pull The Sixers above the finish line, with an additional win 137-134 at Wells Fargo.

Embiid said of his „It Was Wanted” performance, which included a straight 11-point stretch for the Sixers, from the game’s hook basket with 3.3 seconds to undergo regulation until he collided with a mid-range bird with 2:03 to enter. over time. „We needed it tonight.”

„We lost three games in a row. Our mindset should always be that we should never lose two games in a row, and we lost three games in a row, so there was no chance to lose four games in a row. Row. So all I had to do and whatever was on me.” My team-mates did it, we did it and we won. „

Philadelphia cut its defeats back to the winning streak that was largely an Empedist – something that didn’t seem to be about to happen at half. Embiid scored 10 points and seven rebounds in the first half, but didn’t quite get involved – although he did more than Simmons, who had suffered badly after missing the previous two matches due to swelling in the left knee. Simmons made five turns in the first half and missed the end with five points and 12 assists to go six turns in 32 minutes.

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But while Simmons struggled, Embiid walked out of a man’s break. Emped scored 20 points in the third quarter alone to start swinging the game again in the direction of Philadelphia, putting the team on its back thanks to a slight modification by Sixers coach Doc Rivers to get the ball in different places on the floor.

Rivers said, „We put him in the middle of the ground, because the more we put him below the free throw line, the more we throw it at him, that’s where they came from.”

„I thought [Miami] Really struggle, to find a place to hold or to be hunted; It also allowed Joel to know when people would be cornering him where he was throwing the ball, so he’s a good mod. „

„[But] „He wanted this match for us tonight,” the coach said of Ambied.

This was especially true once Simmons and Maxi made a mistake. Empiid had the ball in his hands nearly every ride down the field afterward, with Rivers mainly using it as a point center.

Rivers said the Sixers ran essentially the same play – called „Delay,” a play that was only installed in Philly on Tuesday morning when shot by accident – out of necessity for most of the fourth quarter and overtime because point guards got it wrong.

„Sometimes, life is luck,” said Rivers, laughing. „We were laughing on the bench … It’s amazing. We are working on it today, and then we end up as our savior.”

Meanwhile, Empiide was very happy with the opportunity to get the ball into his own hands.

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He said, „Playing center point or base or whatever you want to call it, I enjoy it.” „It was working fine.”

For Embiid, who has never been shy about expressing his feelings, some second-half spike may have come from a place of frustration out of the NBA due to the Sixers continuing to play. It was the third game in a row that the Sixers lost several key components after a large number of players entered into league health and safety protocols in the wake of Seth Carey The test was positive last week in Brooklyn.

After the NBA postponed Sunday’s Heat match against the Boston Celtics – the day after the Sixers had only seven healthy players available to lose on home soil against the Denver Nuggets – Embiid tweeted, „They hate the operation,” in what could be seen as a shot In the NBA for not doing the same for his team the day before.

When asked after Tuesday’s match if he should play Philly, Embiid didn’t hesitate to answer.

he said no”. „It seems like every other game is constantly being canceled. But we, I think the league gets us to play. There’s really no other explanation behind that, especially a Denver game, when we had to dress an injured player just to make sure we had enough players to compete – while the teams had … The others didn’t have that many players and the league didn’t make any of them wear injured player clothes, just to make sure there was a match going on.

„That’s unfortunate, but he’s the next guy. You can’t complain about that. The victories are still important, the losses still counted; we need to make all these gains. We need to keep fighting until these guys come back, that’s a profession.”

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Another point of motivation for Embiid this season was disqualified from All-NBA teams last year. Empiide was outspoken because he felt he deserved to be picked as one of the top three in the league, and he had the drive to prove that people had wrongly left him this season.

After Tuesday’s match, Embiid has now averaged over 26 points and 12 rebounds per match so far this season. When asked if he was still gaining motivation from the disdain for last season’s trophies, he said it was – adding that it would take care of himself, provided the Sixers continue to reap the wins this season.

He said, „It is, but that is not what I focus on.” „The main goal is to win a championship. When it comes to individual awards, it can’t happen unless you win matches. So the main thing I’m concerned about is winning.

„Because at the end of the day, if you win, if we win, and we get # 1, there’s no reason you should know that I shouldn’t be in MVP, Player of the Year talks, All-NBA first team and all that stuff.”

He added, „Everything is the same: winning.” „But the main goal is to win the championship; we are trying to prepare for what is to come, the qualifiers and [getting] To this level. So as I said, it all comes back to winning. „

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