Jarvis Landry from Browns, Richard Higgins, Donovan People Jones, Jadaryl Hodge, PJ Goodson, and Jacob Phillips on the COVID-19 list and out of the aircraft game

Newark, NJ – Baker Mayfield will wake up Sunday morning and hope it’s all a bad dream.

His core team was completely eliminated in Sunday’s match against the 1–13 Jets match as he had close, high-stakes contact with PJ Goodson, who tested positive for the COVID-19 virus on Saturday.

Jarvis Landry, who has struggled through injuries not to miss a match in his career, will miss his closely related first match. So will Richard Higgins, Donovan People-Jones, Khadarel Hodge and full-back Jacob Phillips.

Goodson will miss the last two regular matches of the season because a player who tests positive must miss at least 10 days.

The game will continue, and the Browns have a chance to grab the first division from 18 years with a victory.

Brown was heading to New Jersey on Saturday to participate in the match when they learned that Godson had tested positive. They closed their facilities and delayed their flight while they were working by contact tracing.

The only thing that could have been worse was if Mayfield had been in close contact.

Goodson will be replaced by Tay Davis, Malcolm Smith or Mac Wilson, who was fired last week due to a coach’s decision. It’s a chance for Wilson to rid himself of sub-par playing and whatever else he earns caused him a healthy scratch last week.

„BJ is doing well,” said Stefansky on December 7, the day after Godson helped the Browns beat the Titans 41-35. „He is definitely the emotional leader of defense. You hear him before you see him. He rallies men in training and during games. He plays big matches in these ball games to help us win.”

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On a much brighter note for Browns, Jedrick Wills Jr.’s excellent rookie season will continue. In the left intervention without interruption.

Wills from the COVID-19 reserve list were activated on Saturday and are due to encounter 1-13 aircraft.

Brown has also lifted the Javon Patterson Center from its training team as an alternative to COVID-19.

It is an important match for the Browns 10-4, who can clinch their first playoff game in 18 years with the help of some AFC rivals. Browns win and a loss or draw by Ravens, Dolphins or Colts earned for the first time since 2002.

The NFL has postponed matches this season due to the COVID-19 outbreak not being contained in the team, but since Goodson is the only Brown player to have tested positive, the game is still going.

Wills was placed on the COVID-19 list Thursday as close contact with someone outside of Browns who tested positive for the virus. The person was not associated with Tuesday’s wills charity event, in which he donated $ 50,000 in gifts and money to six needy families, in association with the Urban League of Greater Cleveland.

If the wills had not been enforced, sixth-year treatment of Kendall Lam would have started in his place. But Brown was confident all the time that Wills would start for the 15th time in the season because it had tested negative for the virus.

Landry: Brown fans ‘deserve success and promising future’

„[Wills] Coach Kevin Stefansky said on Thursday: “He played really well in that last game. „He continues to improve. He is a young player. You see with the young players there are some great moments and some moments when he wants to improve. The good news is that he wants to improve and he is working hard with Coach (Bill) Callaghan before, during and after training.”

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Left goalkeeper Joel Bitonio was surprised and dismayed Thursday to hear that Wills were on the list.

He said, „This is a big thing.” „Talk about an upcoming rookie, starting every game and just focusing. Was it perfect? ​​No, but the way he competes and some of the things he did in professional passes … a lot of the things he did were on one island on one. It was amazing. .

„We have a good relationship now. Me and JC (Tretter) work together sort of on the left side, and you’re going to get used to a guy like that who plays well. It’s obviously a big part of our attack and a big part of why we’re kind of starting to turn the corner here.”

The 14th commandment in the NFL is to prevent passes, according to profootballfocus.com

„He is constantly improving with every match,” said receiver Jarvis Landry. „He’s one of the players who’s stuck on the left side of the line this whole season. We’ll definitely need him.”

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