Hosting the „Hazard!” It was „nerve wrack” for Ken Jennings

Ken Jennings talks appear in Danger! In a different role. (Photo: Rodin Eckenroth / WireImage)

Temporary Danger! Host Ken Jennings says he’s still coping with providing clues rather than responding to them, after his death Alex Trebek.

It’s really nerve-wracking, ”Jennings said. Seattle bis, Posted in his hometown, in an interview published Thursday. „I’m just like everyone else, I wish Alex was still there. But the main thing I noticed was what he did amazing work, he made her always look easy and graceful.”

Trebek, who has hosted the game show since 1984, He died of pancreatic cancer In November. Jennings, who won 74 straight matches as a contestant in 2004 and was crowned the „Greatest of All Time” at the game hosted by Trebeek last year, has been in the position since January 11th. Long-lost TV set, which he would have approached.

Alex Trebek congratulates Ken Jennings on winning the & quot;  Jeopardy!  Greatest of all time & quot;  Tournament in 2020 (Photo: Eric McCandless / ABC via Getty Images)
Alex Trebek congratulates Ken Jennings on winning an award Danger! The greatest of all time Tournament in 2020 (Photo: Eric McCandless / ABC via Getty Images)

“It was really hard to miss and also to miss Danger! With him, “Jennings said.” I think that’s what we mourn, the fact that he’s going to be a part of our lives, and that we can host Alex Danger! every night. I kind of wanted to turn on the display this way and just say, ‘Look, you can’t trade in cool like Alex Trebek. We want Danger! To complete. It wouldn’t be the same, but it would still be Danger!. „

The exhibition announced that a series of hosts, including journalists Katie Couric Bill Whitaker, actress and neuroscientist Mayim Bialik and Green Bay Packers Quarterback Aaron RodgersWill appear in the coming weeks.

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