Hell yeah, give me the guided Apple Watch walking workout

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The iOS test guide appears to point to an upcoming workout feature from Apple.

The iOS 14.4 beta feature is shared by Khaos Tian | On Twitter and confirmed it 9to5Mac This week, this week describes a new Apple Watch outdoor option that downloads walking workouts to the watch when it’s powered on or near a paired iPhone. According to the feature description in the screenshot shared with Twitter, the so-called Time to Walk exercises are later deleted when finished. The option appeared in the Workout Settings for the Apple Watch app, but it hasn’t worked yet.

Apple did not immediately respond with a request for comment on the beta feature.

Currently, Apple Watch users can track their walking workouts through the Workout app on Apple Watch to contribute to statistics Like active calories burned and time spent in motion. These exercise tools can be used with or without a cell plan. As 9to5Mac noted, this new option appears to indicate that a workout downloaded to the watch may contain some kind of accompanying item, and 9to5Mac was able to find references to „WORKOUT_GUIDED_WALK” in the experimental source code.

To all this I say: Yes, give us guided walking. I walk a few miles most days when I’m out with my dog ​​or take her to the park, and I often resort to quiet conscious walks when I’m stressed or anxious. These guided hikes are mostly geared towards breathing and grounding awareness, but I have found them to be a tremendous help over the past few months.

It’s unclear if the workouts will require a subscription to Apple’s new Fitness + service, or how the workouts themselves will be organized. Personally, I like to have more variety in my mindful walking routine. But, either way, count me.

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