Hailey Baldwin goes black bikini scuba diving with Justin in Hawaii – Hollywood Life

Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber start 2021 with a tropical vacation! The couple set out for Hawaii and shared pictures of themselves soaking up the sun.

Justin BeiberAnd 26 and Hailey BaldwinThe 23-year-old has sparked some serious travel envy with footage of a vacation to Hawaii. The Adorable couple Set off for tropical paradise in the first week of 2021, and share a series of photos of themselves scuba diving, hiking, and relaxing in the sun. „Adventure Time,” Hailey has gotten hold of a carousel, showing her rocking a black bikini while diving into the crystal blue waters. In another photo, she chose a bright yellow jacket, red floral shorts, and black Prada Loafers, where she wore a yellow bucket hat and stood on the tarmac.

Her last post on a carousel included a picture of her and „Delicious” beat maker On a walk in the rainforest. Hayley chose a gray sports bra and black bike shorts while Justin wore a casual look with a white shirt and gray sweatpants. Then she shared a selfie with a fresh face, rocking a white T-shirt and floral print shorts spotted in one of her previous pics. Her husband also posted an affectionate shot of the duo lying in what appears to be a lounge chair. Bikini-clad Hailey embraced her shirtless sweetheart, who threw the peace sign while wearing a baseball cap.

The singer also shared a selfie of the duo after a dive. Hailey was wrapped in a white towel and frowned at the camera, while Justin softly kissed her cheek. very nice! The tropical getaway comes amid reports that the couple are not planning to grow their family anytime soon. „ Justin and Hailey’s plan is to keep going Waiting to have a baby And starting a family, ”said a source close to the couple recently Hollywood Life. „They both want children, but they have told their friends that they want to enjoy marriage for at least two years before starting a family.” The duo who will be celebrating its three-year anniversary Wedding anniversary In September 2021, he definitely looks like he’s making the most of his married life!

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