Greg Norman is in hospital with the virus after a father-son tour

Hall of Famer Greg Norman Golf Shared photos On social media on Friday, indicating that he was hospitalized due to COVID-19.

The 65-year-old Australian posted a video on Instagram Thursday evening saying he had symptoms of the Coronavirus, then posted pictures on Friday showing himself in a hospital bed.

„That sums it all up,” he wrote. „Christmas Day”.

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Norman’s son, Greg Norman Jr., also said on social media that he and his wife Michelle had tested positive for the virus. Normans played the PNC Father-and-Son tournament in Orlando, Florida, last weekend.

Norman the elder said Thursday that he was experiencing flu-like symptoms, including a mild fever, cough, aches, pains and a mild headache. He said he did a virus test on Tuesday that came back negative, but he was in quarantine anyway.

It appears that he was taken to hospital on Friday, where he shared a picture of him in a hospital bed and another of a medical professional wearing personal protective equipment from head to toe.

On Thursday, Norman said, „It was ugly.” „Personally, I look forward to getting out of this quarantine and looking forward to building any great future for 2021 and beyond.”

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