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Things got ugly Jared Goff And the Rams The attack in the past two weeks, with straight losses to Gates and the Seahawks as Juve played poorly. To make matters worse, the Los Angeles midfielder dislocated and broke his thumb during the loss to Seattle. There appears to be a wide range of results moving forward, with everything from playing Goff this Sunday to being out for the rest of the season at the table. Goff will need a thumb surgery at some point but he hopes to push it back beyond the season, reports NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport (Twitter video) Link).

Rapsheet says Goff is „determined” to pay to play at Week 17 and that he at least has a „chance” to be below the position. If the bears lose to the packs on Sunday, the Rams They are in the playoffs regardless of anything, but if Chicago beats Green Bay, the Rams will need to beat the Cardinal to enter. Looks like Gove will be trying to go ahead with the qualifiers even if not he could be there on Sunday. Today Goff meets specialist Dr. Stephen Chen, the same doctor who treated Drew PressThumb injury last year, Adam Shifter at Tweets. Bryce apparently missed a few games with that injury last year, although hopefully this wasn’t too dangerous. If Juve has to miss the game against Arizona, that means that the first regular season of the NFL for the Wake Forest star and the AFC star John Wolford.

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Here are more health issues from across the league entering the final week of the season:

  • Goff isn’t the only player in this pivotal pivot game. Keeler Murray He had already dealt with a long shoulder injury this season, and also had a leg injury at the end of Arizona’s Week 16 loss to San Francisco. The technical director talks to the media on Monday Cliff Kingsbury It was mysterious, and considered it a „lower leg” injury and they say they wouldn’t put Murray there if it wasn’t effective. If the cards win on Sunday, they enter. And if they don’t, they’ll walk out. In a game this big, you have to imagine Murray would play if he could at all, but Kingsbury now says he’s up in the air. This would be a position to watch closely, but either way it looks like Murray will be less than 100 percent against him. Aaron Donald And participated.
  • Final dispatch from NFC West. The 49 players caught a surprise from the cardinal, but their injured season continued. They dropped no less than two rookies, as a future junior Brandon Ayuk The left handle Trent Williams Both of them will not play in Week 17 due to the injuries he suffered against Arizona, Kyle Shanahan He said Monday. Shanahan also said he would be shocked if Jimmy Garoppolo Plays this weekend, that is to say CJ Beatard You should get another crack in that. Aiyuk has made a lot of promise, and 49ers fans should be enthusiastic about his potential in 2021. We’ve likely seen Garoppolo play his latest 49er shot.
  • Joe MixonThe 2020 campaign is officially in the books. Bengals will not play this week, coach Zach Taylor Monday confirmed. Mixon hadn’t played since coming back in Week 6 due to a foot injury, but the team kept insisting it was week to week throughout that time. Mixon It signed a four-year extension of $ 48 million Back in September, so he’s in Sensei for the long haul.
  • Boss fans can breathe more easily. receiver Sami Watkins He came down with a calf injury yesterday, but Rapoport Tweets It is not thought to be that big. Given Watkins’ injury history, that’s a big relief. Rapoport wrote that Watkins would be resting in Week 17, but there is a „good chance” he would return in his first playoff game in Kansas City.
  • Another player whose season and possibly his career has ended: the Patriots recipient Julian Edelman. Rapoport Tweets That Edelman will not be activated in the Monday Night Football match tonight with Team Bills, and that he is „unlikely” to play next week as well. Edelman is under contract with next season but he turns 35 in May, so it’s absolutely fair to wonder if he will ever end up in retirement. The Patriot, who has spent 12 years of his career in New England, has been limited to just six matches this year due to a knee injury.
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