Google Photos for Android gets an interface optimized for the tablet

back in June, Google has completely redesigned images with simpler navigation and long-awaited map view. The renewal was most evident on the phones, but the site also saw some modifications. Google Photos for Android tablets has now been optimized with an interface that makes better use of large screens.

Previously, the tablet UI was the only phone to have a bottom bar that extends across the entire screen even with the three tabs placed in the middle. Little adjustments have been made to the use of additional real estate.

The new improved interface starts with the top bar adding a search field, although its placement depends on how wide your screen is. For small and mid-sized devices, you’ll find them on the right next to your profile picture and the submit icon, while the larger ones (Chromeboks) are on the left complete with a hint / prompt and even a „download” button that opens the system files app. This reflects an additional layer of optimization for Chrome OS.

The always-on search bar somewhat extends to the second section of the app, which contains the field on phones. As such, the tablet version of Google Photos renames it from „Search” to „Explore”. Inside, the vanes of people, places, and things have not changed.

Speaking of going around the app, the bottom bar is replaced with a navigation rail on the left edge. After the main „Photos” tab and the aforementioned „Explore” tab, „Share” appears and is no longer present in the upper-right corner. There is a section on the railway, followed by a „library”.

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The big change is seeing quick access to „On Device”, „Utilities”, „Archive” and „Trash”, with each page opening as full screen pages that do not display the new sidebar.

It looks like this tablet-optimized version of Google Photos for Android is still rolling out at 5.25 (via RedditIt is not widely available. Meanwhile, the iOS The application has not been updated yet.

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