„Glacier Bro” is thought to have died after falling into icy waters

A Chinese influencer known as „Glacier Bro” is presumably dead after being last seen in a video that lost his balance near icy waters in Tibet.

Wang Xiangjun – who gained online followers by posting videos of visiting glaciers – was exploring a waterfall when it disappeared on December 20 in Lari County in northern Tibet. BBC reported.

Footage posted on Chinese social media showed the 30-year-old boat near the base of the waterfall in the fast-flowing freezing waters.

Local authorities said they have started search efforts, but have not been able to find him.

However, one local official involved in the effort said it was „almost impossible” for an influencer to survive.

„It could be under an ice floe. Water is 10 to 20 meters (32 to 65 feet) deep,” the official said. In the state-run Global Times in China.

His brother posted a statement on Wang’s social media accounts confirming his death, The Independent reported.

„My brother is forever lying in his favorite waterfall,” the letter read.

„He was obsessed with glaciers all his life while he was devoting himself to them, and this was the best place for him to rest,” she added.

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