Free MLB Agency: Citizens sign former Cubs player Kyle Schwarber to a one-year contract

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The Citizens of Washington They added another to the squad. The club was signed as a defensive player Kyle Schwarber Jim Bowden of CBS Sports HQ confirmed a one-year, $ 10 million contract on Saturday. Citizens have not announced the signature yet.

Schwarber, in March 28, The cubs did not shed them last month. He was expected to earn roughly $ 8 million through judging in 2021, although the shortened season of 60 games has thrown a key in judging models. Schwarber had a bad season for 2020, with a .188 / .308 / .393 score with 11 at home in 59 games.

Citizens added Josh Bell, Who likens Schwarber in being a power hitter with a big run in a bearish year, In the three-player trade with Pirates last month. The usual Washington squad numbers look like this:

  1. SS Tria Turner
  2. Radio frequency Juan Soto
  3. 1B Josh Bell
  4. LF Kyle Schwarber
  5. 2B Starlin Castro
  6. C Jan Gomez
  7. CF Victor Robles
  8. 3 B. Carter Kibum
  9. Spot ejector

Soto moved to the right field late last year and was expected to stay there moving forward. Schwarber’s signature confirms that will be the case. Once global DH becomes permanent (It hasn’t happened yet but is expected to happen before opening dayCitizens can return the privilege code Ryan Zimmerman.

Bale and Schwarber are below average defenders – Robles is a great midfielder and I think the citizens hope he can mitigate Schwarber’s shortcomings a bit – so Washington is counting on their return to the squad in 2021. Bale scored 37 at home in 2019 and Schwarber scored 38 times .

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Nationals tracked their 2019 World Championships victory with a number 26-34 in 2020. With Bill and Schwarber now on board, Washington can still use the assist at third base and behind the board, as well as in the back of the rotation.

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