Fortnite Streamer Spanish TheGrefg Breaks Twitch Watching Record All the Time

Spaniard Twitch Streamer David „TheGrefg” Martinez just broke Twitch’s record of concurrent viewers on a single channel with 2.4 million watchers as he reveals his skin collaboration with Fortnite

Martinez, who surpassed more than 2 million viewers, easily broke the previous record for simultaneous viewership on a single broadcast, which Tyler “Ninja” Blevins scored in 2018 with 635,000 viewers.

Martinez has been flocking to reveal his collaboration with Icon Series in Fortnite, a collection of character skins based on top Fortnite content creators. Live streamers like Ninja, Lachlan Power, Kathleen “Loserfruit” Belsten have skins based on them in Icon Series, and now Martinez joins the list.TheGrefg's Icon skins are inspired by Dragon Ball Z.

TheGrefg’s Icon skins are inspired by Dragon Ball Z.

„One of the most important points in TheGrefg flow is that it demonstrates the universal appeal of the medium,” says Doron Nair, CEO of StreamElements, in a statement to IGN about why this record is such a milestone. „All major live broadcasting platforms have great international rules, but having a milestone like this one set by the Spanish Language Broadcasting Program helps highlight the broad appeal of the industry.”

According to StreamElements, non-English broadcasters like Gaules, Auroplay, Ibai, and Rubius all were highly ranked on the StreamElements report for Best Broadcasting Programs of 2020.Record-breaking Martinez stream shows how broadcasting, whether on Twitch or elsewhere, is a global phenomenon and that creatives who don’t necessarily cater to the English-speaking audience thrive in this global ecosystem.

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Matt TM Kim is a reporter for IGN. You can find him on Twitterlawoftd.

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