Elon Musk of Tesla shares his optimism about the new US administration

Tesla CEO Elon Musk appears to be very optimistic about the environmental priorities of the new Biden administration, noting in a lengthy phone interview with Wealth Last week, he was „excited” about the country’s renewed focus on climate issues. During his interview, Musk spoke about his enthusiasm for the Biden administration, his separation from the Trump administration, and his hopes for the near future.

Musk indicated that he is very happy with the change in the White House, especially President Joe Biden’s public stance on combating climate change. This is a marked departure from the stance of the Trump administration, which has taken a number of steps and sanctioned initiatives that have pushed the pro-climate agenda to the side. „I am very excited that the new administration is focusing on the climate,” Musk said, noting that he is closely watching the new president’s moves.

„I think it’s great. I feel very optimistic about the future of sustainable energy with the new administration. Not that we should feel complacent or anything else, but the wind is standing in our backs to solve the climate crisis with the new administration,” Musk said.

Aside from sharing his thoughts on the Biden administration, Musk also discussed his short stint as part of former US President Donald Trump’s Economic Advisory Board and the Manufacturing Jobs Initiative Council. Musk eventually left these boards after Trump announced his withdrawal from the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. The move, according to Musk, was the last straw for him, especially given that he heads the world’s leading EV company.

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“I said… it is very important that we tackle the climate crisis and everything.” Musk said, “I’ve dealt with him a lot in his speech, and he really means it.”

The CEO of Tesla has stated that he is currently awaiting engagement again as the new US president rolls out and implements detailed environmental policies, including Focus on electric cars. This became a major focus of late as Biden announced his intention to use all-electric cars as vehicles for the US government. In his announcement, Biden indicated that the initiative will likely create around 1 million clean energy automation jobs.

Musk stated that he „did not want” to communicate with the new US president yet. However, the CEO has noticed that his aides are already in informal contact with the White House because Tesla knows a lot of the green people the Biden administration is bringing in. „My team, being very pro-environmental, they know a lot of people that Biden brings,” Musk said, adding, „We will do our best to be of help to the new climate administration.”

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