City of Chicago shuts down my NYE party, multiple quotes from COVID-19 have been released – NBC Chicago

City officials shut down two parties on the eve of the recent year and issued seven notifications to companies over violating COVID-19 restrictions.

But, overall, the Department of Business and Consumer Protection reported a high level of compliance and a „relatively quiet night” of implementation as Chicago airport rang in 2021.

City officials said they responded to 21 calls for violating COVID-19 regulations.

The harshest measures have been taken against Dugout, 950 W. Addison Street, which has been closed until further notice after police and fire officials discovered a „large, overcapacity gathering,” the department said.

Officials said the city also closed a party at a re-used auto repair shop at 748W 91st Street in Brainerd.

Four more notices were delivered to hotels that allowed overcrowding in guest rooms or hallways, including the Congress Plaza Hotel in The Loeb.

Officers responded to the hotel around 10:35 p.m. at Block 500 of South Michigan Avenue and found at least one room that was over capacity, according to a police spokesman.

A hotel warning has been issued with three others: The Best Western, 1101 S. Michigan Ave .; Godfrey Hotel, 127 W. Huron St. ; And the EuroStars Hotel, at 660 N. State St.

Ahead of New Year’s Eve, the city has partnered with the Illinois Hotel and Residence Association to distribute regulatory notices to hotels to ensure compliance with COVID-19 regulations.

The city has cited at least 370 companies for violating coronavirus restrictions since the pandemic began in March. The latest batch of cases comes about three months after the city banned indoor dining and service in October.

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