Boris Johnson urges a new trade deal in his first call with President Biden

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged President Biden to strike a new trade deal with the United Kingdom in a phone call on Saturday, in the first formal discussion between the two leaders since Biden was sworn in.

Johnson „reiterated his determination to resolve current trade issues as soon as possible” and discussed „benefits of a potential free trade deal” with Biden, according to a Downing Street statement. Reported by The Associated Press.

Johnson, a former Trump ally who had distanced himself from the former president during his last term, congratulated Biden on Back to the Paris climate agreement And the World Health Organization, two reflection of Trump’s moves.

„It’s great to talk to President @Joe Biden this evening,” Johnson wrote on Twitter on Saturday.

“I look forward to deepening the long-standing alliance between our two countries while we lead the green and sustainable recovery from COVID-19.”

The Biden administration has stated in recent weeks that it is not prepared to commit to any new business deals.

„President Biden has been clear that he will not sign any new free trade agreements until the United States makes significant investments in American workers and our infrastructure,” Treasury nominee Janet Yellen said earlier this week.

The call was with Johnson At least a third Biden With a foreign leader since taking office on Wednesday; The president spoke with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on Friday.

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