“Bling Empire” Anna Shay is an icon

Bling Empire It is about to be your favorite new reality TV show.

Bling Empire It’s a new reality TV show that’s really trending in this week’s best Netflix shows (it’s currently # 5 at the moment). After a group of elite and wealthy Los Angeles Asians, Bling Empire It is definitely for fans Sunset Sale, Because it delivers drama. But people online are currently talking about one person in particular: Meet Anna Shai.

Anna Shay isn’t afraid to tell you how he is.

2020 bring us an exotic atmosphere. The year 2021 gave us Anna tea. Now it is clear to me that 2021 will be amazing. # Longing

Twitter: indiekimmy

She’s also a little queen (especially when it comes to Kristen), and we love her for that.

It is clear that she is not afraid of confrontation.

And she’s already become known for this distinct streak because she refuses to deal with men who verbally abuse.

Twitter: AngelHuracha

Honestly, I don’t know why you aren’t actually watching me. Anna Shay forever.

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