Big game publishers are backing down to the safety of the Hollywood comeback catalog

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This week, the video game industry got a new boost of boom energy with New advertisement Indiana Jones Game. Meanwhile, there is, too a James Bond A game in the worksAnd Ubisoft She announced that she is working on an open world star Wars Game—The first in a potential deluge of new games taking place in the distant galaxy, far away once EA’s exclusive deal with Lucasfilm ends in 2023. The big publishers who are hoping their next blockbuster success may be smart business or just another fashion. Either way, it feels like an ominous sign of creative surrender for only months into the next console cycle.

Hollywood is rushing to buy up Video game movie rightsNow, it looks like the gaming industry is more than ever poised to bend over the iconic Hollywood franchises. These are not the market synergies I was looking for. Both brokers (and senior company executives) have a lot to learn from and contribute to each other, but spending years and hundreds of millions sharing the same old stories (mostly white) is a bad thing. Hollywood has already gotten full of it by eating its own tail creating endless sequels and reboots–Independence Day: Resurrection, Jurassic World, Ghostbusters. sThe transition to games feels more overwhelming.

„Some great studios do licensed games,” Geoff Kelly hosts „Game Awards.” He wrote on Twitter yesterday. „What’s your collaboration in the studio / franchise you hope to see someday?”

Your favorite developer’s imagination creates a game of your favorite genre based on your current favorite fantasy piece, as if Square Enix made an open-world RPG based on Frank Herbert Sand dunes , Nothing new. Increasingly, these fantasies are turning into reality as the cost of making big-budget gaming balloons leaves the audienceshers to find safer bets. Success The Dark Knight Films led to Arkham Trilogy, followed most recently by Insomniac Spider Man And the Miles Morales And even Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers: The famous studio behind Tomb rider Playback to tempo based on everyone’s favorite Marvel characters.

Illustration of an article titled Big Game Publishers Retreat to Safe Hollywood Returns Catalog

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This isn’t a bad thing, nor is it a guaranteed success, as evidenced by Square Enix’s disappointment with it. The Avengers. Some great games have come out of this playground process, but they could also be a recipe for the death of imagination. Assassin IO Interactive Maker Moves From Unique Agent 47 To The James Bond License. Wolfenstein Machine Games developer will resurrect puncher and colonial Nazi Theif Indiana Jones. Meanwhile, decades have passed since these stories felt creatively fresh and appropriate.

Disney is pulling Lucasfilm video game legacy from the Sarlacc pit with Lucasfilm Games, in an indication that the mega media company is likely looking to flood the market with newly licensed games the same way it does with Movies and TV shows. All of this, of course, depends on current law, and it’s all owned by a company whose net worth is greater than the GDP of most countries.

EA got a lot of crap for its 10-year deal to be the exclusive publisher of star Wars Games only have a total of three releases until 2019. Now it looks like the Monkey Paw wish has been fulfilled, and we’re about to get more.

“We look forward to working with the best-in-class teams who can create great games across all of our IP addresses,” Lucasfilm Games Vice President VP Douglas Reilly announced yesterday. In particular, Riley said he expects games „across a wide range of platforms, genres and experiences”, with plenty of „pros” at Lucasfilm Games to help ensure that developers are shaping the creative vision for adaptations. Ubisoft’s open world game is just the beginning, in other words. For comparison, During last December investor Disney has announced nearly a dozen new Star Wars films and TV movies.

And of course, there is also anything star Wars Games that EA continues to work on. A spokesman for EA said Kotaku Yesterday the terms of the exclusive deal with Lucasfilm were unchanged and will remain in effect until 2023. According to a source familiar with the deal, only EA can post star Wars The games before 2023, after which the partnership with Lucasfilm will continue, but it will no longer be exclusive. This means Ubisoft star Wars The game won’t be rolled out until the latter part of 2023 at the earliest.

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sSome of these games might be great. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order In 2019 and 2020 Star Wars: Swarms It was so much fun, but I don’t know we need more than a dozen big budget games to try to play in that space. I absolutely would love to see Respawn or EA Motive make something original, Ubisoft also for that. Despite the surprising name, Fenyx: The Rise of the Immortals He was pretty cool, even if he’s influenced by previous Ubisoft and Nintendo games Breath of the wild.

It’s easy to imagine how studios could mix and match game genres and mechanics with well-established and loved fantasy worlds. It is difficult to imagine all the ideas and projects that will not see the light due to this media merging.

Nothing, former Naughty Dog developer and director of The Last of Us Bruce Straley Books with a friendly wink In response to Keighley’s thought experiment. „We need all that talent and money focused on creating new content, new IP address, and innovation on AAA Space Geoff.”

Blockbuster deployment has never been a bastion of risk-taking and creativity, but it could become more enduring if it becomes more monopolized by the existing entertainment culture. So, no, I wouldn’t like to see BioWare make something else star Wars RPG, and I’m a far cry from the possibility that Machine Games will attempt to rehabilitate Indiana Jones tomb cannons into something less culturally obnoxious. It would be great, as always, to see video games try to make something new. After all, nowhere will Hollywood movies be in the future comes from?

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