Betty White revealed the secret of her long life

It truly is the queen of permanent aging.

What I would like to look like Betty White at the age of 98! The actress will celebrate her 99th birthday on Sunday, January 17th, and she still looks amazing as ever.

White said People The secret to her longevity is to have a „good sense of humor”, and I think I’ve got that already.

She said, „Don’t take yourself too seriously.” „You can lie to others – not like I do – but you cannot lie to yourself.”

Great advice! White also said that it helps to have an optimistic attitude because there are so many things in the world that can disappoint you.

„Just [look] On the positive side and [don’t dwell] On the negative side, „she explained, because it” consumes a lot of energy being negative. „

Not to mention, „having a good agent” also helps White because it keeps her „busy all the time.”

So how does he do Golden girls Alum plan to celebrate her mega-achievement this year? Well, even though we are still in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, White plans to „visit close friends and bring food to …” [her] Animal friends. „

Every day on this earth the star learned to count her blessings, and she is very grateful for her „good health”.

White is actually doing so well that she said, „Turning ninety-nine is no different than turning 98.”

We heard that! If anything, White continues to prove that age is nothing but a number. You go, girl!

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