Bay Area Intensive Care Unit delivers nearly twice as much in Sacramento. Why is it still closed and Sacramento not?

ICU availability in the Gulf region jumped to 23.4% on Saturday after weeks of number one availability, a strong indication that the worst of the increase was in the past.

However, it was not immediately clear when the area could exit the state’s stay-at-home system. The demand is supposed to be lifted when ICU availability is expected to exceed 15% given the next four weeks.

The Bay Area, which includes nine major counties as well as the counties of Monterey and Santa Cruz, is over that limit for now.

The Sacramento District made up of 13 counties has been closed down by the state I raised more than a week ago. But ICU capacity for that region is still at 11.9% – just over half the current figure for the Gulf region.

State public health officials were not immediately available on Saturday to comment on when the lockdown would be lifted in the Bay Area, and why the Bay Area remained closed while Sacramento – which has worse ICU numbers – was not.

Matt Willis, a Marin County public health official, told The Chronicle on Saturday that the numbers are looking good, adding that he hopes to lift the Bay Area shutdown in the near future.

He said, „It is the invitation of the state.” „But we all look at the same numbers and we all feel hopeful.”

The Mayor of San Francisco told London Mail on Friday that the city It may ‘begin reopening soon under California guidelines“Because the rates of coronavirus transmission in the city have decreased.

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“This means that every person who gets COVID-19, on average, passes it on to less than another person. He wrote a post on Twitter.

The lifting of the lockdown will allow the Gulf region to resume activities Allowed under the state’s purple tier, Including al fresco dining. Outdoor gatherings with people outside of your household can also be resumed – although three homes are restricted to a maximum. Hairdressing salons can resume serving clients at home. However, individual provinces may decide to continue to prohibit some of these activities, regardless of state orders.

California health officials are using a complex formula that has not been announced to predict ICU availability after four weeks. „At this time, the expectations are not publicly shared,” said Public Health Ministry spokeswoman Ali Pay in an email to the Associated Press.

When the Sacramento District order was raised, ICU availability was around 9%.

David Canepa, chair of the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors, said the lack of an official explanation has created confusion, which is the opposite of what the state should be doing.

He said the information should be „clear and concise and most importantly, confusion should be avoided.”

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Kaniba added that the numbers appeared encouraging.

He said, „What worries me is that the public will hear this and think that it is safe to go out and do business as usual.” „I would also like to have dinner at my favorite restaurants, but for now I’ll stay home and order fast food. If we can keep those numbers low for the next month, I’d say bravo. I’ll be the first to have a haircut at the barbershop.”

He said, „In the meantime, stay home if you can, avoid gatherings and wear your damned masks.”

This story is developing.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Lauren Hernandez and Jill Tucker are San Francisco Chronicle writers. Email: [email protected] [email protected] Twitter: Embed a Tweet Embed a Tweet

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